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HC800 boots to C4 screen then halts

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I have an HC-800 that when having the power turned on I get the following sequence.


Power Light


Link Light blinking for about a minute and a half


Data Light blinks about 5 Times


Wifi light blinks orange for a few seconds then turns blue and continues flashing indefinitely. At this point the screen displays the Control 4 logo and nothing else happens.


I've tried to do a factory reset with no luck. I never get a purple wifi Light. I've attempted a network reset with no luck. Looking in system manager I don't see the device ever display.


If I hold the factory reset button in until the orange wifi Light then all of the lights turn solid blue and they stay like this until a power cycle.


Any thoughts? Is it possible to reimagine the flash with a copy from a good 800? If I do this do I lose the site license on the device? If that's not possible how much is it to have C4 repair it?



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You could try the 'Device Image Updater' to see if applying the current OS will get it working.  You will lose your project.  If the HC800 is within warranty C4 will take care of it, otherwise they can quote you on repair.

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Downloaded the image updater but it's not displaying the controller.  Is there anyway to tell if a device is under warranty w/out contacting C4?  I wish there was a NAND recovery process for the HC800 like there is for the 250.  The systems feel identical to what's described in that KB article for the 250.

I looked through my DHCP leases and I'm not seeing anything issued for that controller. 


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