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Pics before I break the racks down and move

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I am going to be listing my house next month, so I figured I would snap some pics before I break the racks down and move it all to the new house.




HC800, HC300, and IO-X. HC250 for Family room

24 port pakedge switch

3 JAP rack mount transmitters

1 JAP transmitter in Family room for Bluray

Cisco SG500 48 port switch for JAP network

JAP receivers Family room, Media room, master bed, Sons room, Guest bedroom

Monoprice 4X4 HDMI Matrix for video games cause when on JAP switches the latency is an issue

Integra DTR40.1 and DTR50.2

Klipsch THX sub amp

LabGruppen 10:4 for back yard rock speakers

SnapAV 20amp UPS

Panamax M7500Pro

2 xfinity boxes, Android STB, AppleTV2, AppleTV3, Mac Mini with Kodi Full, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, 

Sonos connect, 3 chromecast Audios

16ch audio matrix

8 zone matrix amp.


Media room:

Benq W10000 Projector

Elite screens 80" fixed screen

Proficient 6" in ceiling speakers

2 Klipsch THX subs.


Will update with the rest of the system 

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i usually like to run LV after the electricians do their stuff so I can stay away from the high volt. Just moved in this weekend so will post pics after i get some stuff up

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Don't forget to add chases to key locations for future upgrades.  I ran several 2" extending through the attic with enough exposed tubing to find it!

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Thanks, but I am in the AV business so glowrods and extension bits are in hand. Plus there is an unfinished basement and I have a good path to the attic so what I didnt pull before sheetrock is cake to retro.






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Hi Sonic,

I'm in the UK and never seen the large plaster board fixing box! Do they have a name? Or have you a link to the description?

Many thanks in advance,


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Now for the family room, 6" angled and 8" surrounds. With a rush hookup on the sub and mini rack to get things up and running. Will clean it up when i finish running cables cause I ran out of Cat6A. No pics of the main rack room yet cause it is a mess LOL







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All the speakers are in for phase1 of the install. Just got 3 of the Just Add Power rooms up and selecting from 4 of the 13 sources. Baby steps to get the room side stuff done before I work on the racks in the basement.











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Thanks @knowitall, it is half retro. I ran what i needed before sheetrock that would have been a serious pain afterwards because the builder doesnt allow anyone other than their vendors but the GC didnt care as long as he didnt fail inspection so I had to do a balancing act. Plus it is not like i am paying someone extra since what is retro takes more time haha. I had a few dim-1's from the last house that i repurposed for the master suite but just bought enough GE z-wave dimmers for the main floor due to price. Controlling them with vera with no issues. Working on adding double tap programing to control scenes with them next. Nope on the HC300, have a cooling fan. Also if it dies maybe i can talk the old lady into an Ea-5 and i can mkve the hc800 to the family room and hc250 to the master cause i need relays the doorbell ringer intercept cause it silences it when the babys sonos play3's are playing during naps because of the dogs



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@awcs33 I know your post was a while ago but in case you were still wondering:

We put something similar to these in behind TV's (when possible) We get them from TLC and they are called "Cavity Floor Box"

Obviously intended for the floor but serves a purpose perfectly well.

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Starting the DIY theater install. Just painting the concrete walls with drylok now. No moisture at the moment but I figure why not take the time to have an extra level of protection before I build the studded walls. I am in a new neighborhood and the builder throws away so much material instead of simply moving it to the next house/lot that I should be able to frame that walls and the risers for free.


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