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4 hours ago, Derrick Cain said:

Hi Ctrl4notwkng,


I'm really sorry you had a bad experience with your Control4 system.  I'd like to see if I can assist, please PM me and I can see if I can find your account to better assist.

Thanks @Derrick Cain  

I just sent you a PM.

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Hi good people,

So, I am back here to find out how I can still use our C4 AVM-16AM P3-B- Multi Channel Amplifier without C4.  

The C4 person here said they were going to assist- didn't go anywhere.  The person they sent didn't even turn on our system when he showed up :angry:.   I called the C4 person back to followup and never heard back.

So, my initial question was: 


Need your advice please.

We've decided that we'll move away from using Control4 for our home automation.  But we have this amplifier that has hardly been used - paid over $2K for it a few years ago.

Is there a way we can still stream music through this amplifier without the HC-200 or HC-300 etc.

Any advice will be much appreciated!


So, some said it's not possible or cost effective.  Others said upgrade the system (H200 and H300) but we want to stay away from spending more more on C4 since both of these controller never functioned well in the first place.  I wanted to know if there have been any new technology advancement in the last few months that would make it possible to still use the C4 amplifier. We haven't got much use of it hence why I am hoping to use it with another system.  I have now replaced my 2 C4 remote control with Harmony and they are working seamlessly.  Our kwikset (integrated witch C4) have been replaced with Schlage sense locks and these never fall off the grid like when we had C4.


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we just picked up a new customer with a similar dilemma as you, we offered varied options, but came down to setting them up with a EA3, because it was cheaper to integrate an EA3 for 2 streams of music, for them which is really what they wanted. basically it was cheaper for them to do that, rather than buying another multi-room amp and 2 sonos.

just add an EA3, and enjoy controlling your music from your phone, tablet, with the option of adding additional controls as you get the itch again.

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