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Hey Guys, 


I'm trying to map some Philips hue led strips to my system, i can control them with C4 and change colour with hue app, 

using the single lamp brightness seems to give the best result, 

using the full colour seems to have an issue where brightness is effected by all faders and colours are all over the place? 


I tried to create custom scenes with an iPad but still have major problems as when i want to change colour both scence's come on at the same time preventing the colour change. 


is there a way to map custom macros to buttons within the lighting scenes? or will i have to have these as separate custom buttons? 

any help greatly appreciated. 


using Hue Bridge Driver OS2.9 (v0.04) 

Single Lamp Brightness Driver (v8.0.5) 



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the brightness slider is meant to be effected by the colors.

i dont know exactly how to explain it but it has to do with the conversion to the dimmer scale 1-100 to the xx yy scale that hue uses i believe.


there is a new experience button on 2.9 systems that is an rgb color control. i use it to select colors occasionally on my hue lights.

mostly they are jsut automated and do what they please.


pm for more info

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