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Hey All,

I am looking at getting IP Cameras with control 4 install. The cameras my control 4 installer wants to use seem very overpriced. I understand that my installer needs to make money but the prices seem insane. These prices are just for the camera and do not include install.  Your opinions are appreciated. Thank You


Luma Ip-700   4 MP                         $599.00 each

IC Real Time  ICIP- 2000 IR 2mp   $300.00 each      

IC Real time  ICIP- 4001IR  4mp     $750.00 each

IC Real time  ICIP- D4012VIR 4mp   $950.00 each


I was thinking about using Dahua N45BL5Z 4mp $330.00 each but installer only wants to use IC Real Time or Luma.


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I am not sure that Dahua will integrate  in C4


LUMA, Hikvision and LILIN are the only cameras i would put in control4 from my personal experience.

Sometimes it will cost you more in man hours as your dealer will have spend more time learning a product they are not familiar with keep this in mind.

The above pricing looks good and is about what most of the good cameras should cost.

cheaping out on the cameras will leave with limitation after limitation its worth the investment especially if you need the security. Nothing worse then finding out your home is robbed and the camera quit working and needed to be rebooted again.

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