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thanks.  do you mind pointing me to some of the DMX drivers available?  I just found this one Ketra's website:


it looks like Ketra supports DMX512.  I need to find configurable driver that lets me do step 6 below.  I currently can do steps 1-5.  (well, I think can do step 4. :)  haven't tried yet, but i have set up ketra profiles and scenes).

(from the linked PDF):

The workflow is as follows :
1. Physically install and connect power to Ketra’s products.
2. Run the Design Studio software and create the installation file.
3. Create groups of lighting products as required for project application.
4. Setup DMX profiles in Design Studio and select which lighting groups each profile is mapped to.
5. Publish Ketra installation data.
6. Setup 3rd party controller by “patching” appropriate Ketra DMX profile ranges to controller channels. 

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