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Going to be starting my what feels like 10th version of my home system, with my recently acquired video-storm system. Figured I would share about my personal control4 system and the products I use and some of the automation I currently enjoy.

In my Rack from top to bottom


IO Extender V2

Hopper Gen 2

Sony Blu-ray

Key Digital 8x8 analog and 8x8 digital audio switch

Pakedge Power pack 9




Power Pack 9

Roku / Fire TV/ c4 Media / Sonos / 32x8 netgear modem

Shinybow 8x8

4 zone matrix amp

Anthem Receiver

Yamaha Aventage 


All lights in the home are either Control4 or Phillips Hue

Wk-2 for Wifi

Play3 for dining room

Garage is hard wired for control to extender

DSC Powerseries 9 zones monitor

Nyce Contact sensor on mailbox and side gate

3 Hikvision Dome cameras

1 dlink PTZ camera

Ring Pro


Some of my favorite automation

1 button away, press away on the keypad and over 2 miniutes so i can get out the door, all the lights music HVAC, locks shut off lock, or prep for away mode.

Nyce sensor on the mailbox emails me when the mail man comes and tells me You've got mail!

Dog whistle audio file for the pool speakers to quiet the dogs if barking

Halloween Mode, before the doorbell is press all normal lights on the home. After the door bell is pressed, the entire home shuts off immediately. Then after a few moments of scary darkness speakers all around the house start screaming and growling from every direction as well as hue lighting changing to gory colors and flashing.


Some photos of the current setup office_zpsck23uz03.jpg office 2_zpspsftefjt.jpg

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On 7/12/2017 at 9:47 AM, neil12011 said:

Love the office rig man.

Thank you me too. I am kicking myself I pulled the trigger on the Hybrid 1080 watercooled card like two weeks too early shortly after the 1080ti came out and doubles the performance almost ugh. gonna spend some time overclocking to the teeth.


On 7/12/2017 at 9:56 AM, Jfizzle said:

that office is really cool, nice screenset up

dont mind the ghetto speaker/tv stand I hope to get the 32 either mounted or moved to the guest and add another 28inch t match the other two. But i need to get the monster case out of the way as well.

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Photobucket ain't working for me. Are those pix still there? Get a ton of popups but I think it is saying something about 3rd party hosting. Anyway, would love to see it.

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