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Leaf / C4 8x8 HDMI HDBaseT Matrix with 8 Receivers

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The serial should be straight through. Here is the manual - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrd5kxlx8ecn1at/Leaf_ZLE-LTHDMI88E.pdf?dl=0

3.8 RS232 Serial Control connectors The unit can be controlled by serial commands through the RS232 input port. Typically this would be connected to a control system with a straight through DB9 Male to Female RS232 lead.

Some control systems may require only the TxD, RxD and Gnd wires of an RS232 lead to be connected. The pin configurations of these 3 connections on the DB9 plug is: TxD = Pin 2, RxD = Pin3, Gnd = Pin5.

3.8.1 Single LTHDMI88/E use The RS232 Input port is used for controlling the unit. The TERM (Termination) switch (ref: para 3.10) must be set to ON (Up).

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