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I'm in the process of finalizing all my purchases for my new home theater build-out and wanted to seek some advice from the experts on here. I've got most of my movie and TV show library ripped to network storage in lossless MKV. I currently stream via Plex to a couple of Rokus at other TVs where I don't have full surround sound and using Dolby Atmos/TrueHD is not a concern. It works great and the wife loves it. In my research, I saw that Rokus don't support lossless audio passthrough via Plex. As I really want to be able to play my library via Plex in the theater room with original audio, I found out the Nvidia Shield can handle sending lossless audio via passthrough to my AVR. My concerns are:

1) It appears the Shield integrates into Control4 quite well from the few posts I've seen about it on here. Has anyone had any issues with integration of the Shield?

2) When I get the theater room finished, I would really like to fully integrate the Plex experience and get the Plex full app from @alanchow but I don't see official support listed in his documentation. Anyone using that driver with the Shield and having luck with it? Perhaps Kodi with Plex would be a workaround if not? 

If the Shield doesn't seem viable, it seems I'll have to go the HTPC route to get my audio from Plex that I want but using the Shield just seems to be much easier and cheaper if it will work. 

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