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New product Idea, Control4 Reciever

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I know this has been explored before with a c4 & sony partnership. I would love to see C4 release a new surround processor. 

Surely this could be more viable now with the aquisitions of triad and leaf. 

A 5 & 7 channel version with an Ea1 on board, using triads ice power amps.

as i understand before it was available through the retail market was only available in the states and did not do very well, (could be wrong).

If this exsisted i would use lots of them. 





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AVRs specs and HDMI change way too often for this IMO. URC made one and it was crap. Those sonys were meh. Crestron has their own procise processors that are just avrs (no built in processors) and they are nice but way too overpriced and cant keep up with the constantly changing landscape.

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