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Speaker point issue

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Hi guys,

I purchased a house recently where nearly every room have a pair of ceiling speakers. It was designed with multi-room audios and every pair of the speaker was connected with a Control4 speaker point. But now only the speakers and speaker points and Ethernet wires were left, and a PoE-powered control panel as well, but it looks like not working.

The model no. of speaker point is AVG-RAA1-B. I googled and found it could be used as a amplifier for the passive 8ohm speakers. But the speaker does not work at all when I power the speaker point and connect  the analog AUDIO IN plug with my iPhone. I am sure the speakers were correctly connected with the speak point.

Do I still need to purchase a controller or Amplifier to make the speakers work?

Is anyone here could give a help on this?

Thank you VERY MUCH.




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