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Moving off SONOS - need some help / ideas

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Hi all - I’m finally at the point where I am ready to consider moving off of SONOS - which I have had many years before my Control4 investments...

I have 2 Zone Amps that power 2 different rooms  with ceiling speakers in my home. In addition. I have the SONOS center channel unit which is my sole speaker in my family room with my TV and I also have 4 other  stand-alone SONOS units in other rooms of my home (where I dont have speaker wire run from my main closet/rack. 

For c4 - I have an EA3.

Would like to understand ideas of products that would allow me to move off of SONOS  and use the native streaming services? (As many others- I am frustrated by the experience with SONOS in the c4 app)

As a long time reader/member - I’ve read about many different Control4 amps- but I’m not really sure which could best solve this... and then for areas where I can’t economically run speaker with- which speakers would replace SONOS?

Would appreciate your advice!


In Summary: SONOS equipment:


2 Play 3s (used in rooms where I don’t currently have speaker wire run to main C4 Cabinet)

2 Play 1s (used in rooms where I don’t have currently have speaker wire run)

2 ZP100s that power in ceiling speaker audio to two different rooms

1 playbar - used as a center channel for a TV that is connected to my EA3 C4 unit

Also, have 2 unused Zone Players (ZP80s)




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if you want to do it cheaply you could use the auto room on feature from audio ins on the zps and you can feed c4 music into them.


to  replace the 2 play 3s. get a pair of book shelfs with the triad one on wifi

same for play 1s


for the play bar you could do a triad bar and triad one 

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