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small expansion project

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I would like to expand my C4 system by adding two motion sensors and an outlet switch.  I have also already wired up a second garage door Card Access contacts module and would like to have it recognized in the system.  

Can you provide a quote for making these available in Composer HE?  

I have WMS10-C-ZP sensors in the house now.  I would be interested in buying two more of those for this expansion.  If the Nyce units have sensitivity selection to ignore small pets, those would work also, especially if more cost effective.  I looked at the Axxess site, and while I do not see simple ceiling mounts, the forum threads state they are a good option.

For the switch, I am thinking one Control4® Wireless Outlet Switch LOZ-5SI will be needed (pictures show these are duplex).  I am open to alternates that are cost effective. 



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Good evening Ted, all of this is possible, and the a axxess ceiling mount sensors are really good option. 

Please message me via iMessage at 778-246-2492 or Skype vinceldub83 or google hangouts at vinceyost@gmail.com 


can talk now. 

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