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FS: EA-5, HC800-BL-1, SR-250, FPD, C4-THERM-WH

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Just added Dec 4th, a Ea-5 on 2.10.5  $1100 

KC120277 configurable keypad $110 sold!

ADP Dimmer $110, all sold!

FPD dimmer $70

LOZ 5D1 outlet dimmer X2

Keypad dimmer $125 sold!

SR260 remote with charger, sold!

SR250 remote, battery version

HC800-BL-1 on 2.10.5 


Pricing are in USD, Plus shipping

PM for details, reasonable offers considered!







2018-12-18 09.28.39.jpg

2018-12-18 09.28.25.jpg

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