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Develop a Multi-Room Music Audio Driver With Some Problem

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function REV_CMD.GetHostRoomList(NetResponse)
    --local NetResponse = ParseCommand(string.sub(TotalData,5))
    gZone1Id = NetResponse.arg.roomList[1].roomId
    gZone2Id = NetResponse.arg.roomList[2].roomId
    gZone3Id = NetResponse.arg.roomList[3].roomId
    gZone4Id = NetResponse.arg.roomList[4].roomId
    local tempID = string.sub(gZone1Id,8,8)..string.sub(gZone2Id,8,8)..string.sub(gZone3Id,8,8)..string.sub(gZone4Id,8,8)
    print(gZone1Id ,
          gZone2Id ,
         gZone3Id ,
    C4:UpdateProperty('Zone ID',tempID)
    rev = {}

function GetMapInput()
    gMapInput = {
       [0] = gZone1Id,
       [1] = gZone2Id,
       [2] = gZone3Id,
       [3] = gZone4Id,
Hello,there are some problem with my diver. Could you teach me about it,Now the problem is I don‘t know how to tell the diver which gzone id and roomid was in the same room!thanks a lot!

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