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C4-SR260 Hourglass & Red Bar Issues

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Hi - I purchased a new Control 4 system a few months back for a few TVs.  In some of the bedrooms I'm having problems with the chargeable remotes...

I select Comcast or Apple TV and can get the channels to work but every 2 clicks I have to wait with a hourglass and red bars.  They are really unusable.   I do notice that the wifi bars bounce between 2 and 4 on the network signal.   I have a Luxul WiFi access point about 25 feet away up in the celling with no interference.  

I would call the installation company to come out and fix it but they are 4 weeks out to get man power over here.  Any help, self-help or troubleshooting is appreciated.  Thx...


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it could be a few things

1) FW update for remote
2) WiFi Interferance with Zigbee
3) Weak Zigbee coverage

(the remote doesn't use WIFI)

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Your response peaked my interest and I learned about potential pitfalls of using WiFi Channel 11:


When I setup up ZigBee, did my EA3 do a channel scan before picking ZigBee Channel 24 in my environment?  

Understanding many ZigBee devices don't support Channel 26, I wonder why it wouldn't default to Channel 25.

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