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Blown Power Supply in HC300

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I am Running an old 1.7.0 system that was installed in 2008.  It controls my hydronic radiant in-floor heating system using 4 Contact Relay extenders, and household lights.  I've been bragging about my system's flawless service for all these years, but after 11 years of faithful service, I had my first failure last night.... the power supply in the HC300 burned out.  

Of Course, it happened in Feburary, in Canada, during the coldest spell of weather so far this winter. It got to -27.2 C at my place last night! (For you americans, that's the temperature of your freezer multiplied by my outrage that you don't use the metric system)  

While I am waiting for a replacement HC300 to arrive ($55 on ebay), I've had to hotwire the controller to an unused 5V supply on my home PC.  Fortunately, it works!  The controller came back to life with all its memory and programming and heat has returned to my home.  

I sure hope I haven't ruined my warranty.


HC-300 hotwired.jpg

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Couldn't you just buy a 5V PSU rather than a new (old) HC-300?

If you bought an enclosed one like a laptop PSU ... something like a 20W one would do. I did something similar to an HC-300 years ago and it still plods along quite happily.

The 300s are great for those low speed automation tasks :)

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