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Embernet to ZigBee Pro update, problems with wall dimmers and switch

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After my HC-300 upgrade/repair with a restore stick to my embernet devices needed to be upgraded. Each of them did the 1st part of the ZigBee pro firmware update 100%. I was able to identify wireless outlet switch, outlet dimmer and thermostat, but having problems with 2 wall dimmers and 1 wall switch. The two dimmers have short flashing green LEDs on top and bottom. I believe them to be in MiniApp mode. Any button press will not identify them-. 5-5-5 nothing, 13-4-13 nothing. Only button that did something was holding down bottom when applying power to the switch. This made both LEDx flash purple/white and reset to my old LED color shceme of 1.7.4. Of course my Zigbee server is working in "auto join" and other Pro devices are working.

Do you think I bricked the dimmers and switch or a way to reset them into MiniApp mode again?

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i had this "problem" a lot, just read the release notes, they help a lot.

Also read updateinstructions as it addresses pretty much every issue I have had when adding embernet devices to my system.

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The update/upgrade instructions for 1.7 to 1.8 where helpful in understanding how ZigBee Pro is different (MiniApp) from Embernet. The resolution to my problem was to reset each dimmer/switch by pulling the power tab at the top of the switch and holding down the down button while inserting it (both LEDs flash). This seem to bring each switch to MiniApp mode. Then have 'Auto Join' turned on in Composer. Open the Connections-Network and identify by holding the down botton down again for 4 or 5 seconds. Once it's ZigBee Pro address id displayed check to see if it's upading in Network- Tools - ZigBee (wait as needed). Lastly refresh your navigator before testing.

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