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  2. With that product I've seen people use a velcro strap and strap it to anything that will be mostly in the shade. So under and eave etc on a gutter downspout or similar. You aren't going to get wind speeds.
  3. Strarted working straight away you can use all the sensors as triggers for programming ~ lot cheaper using Texacom senors than C4 need to get your dealer to do all the bits and bats. Our alarm guys think I’m a bit wired buying extra senors for Β£55 fitted and programmed into the alarm πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ»
  4. Long shot as I'm not sure these are available individually but my 260 charging cradle broke due to the usb plug physically separating from the internal circuit board. Haven't been able to get it fixed properly. If anyone has a cradle I'd be interested. Have good power supply and battery. Thanks
  5. Should be straight forward, just cannot do two things at once! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. their video shows placing it outside on a table: https://www.netatmo.com/en-us/weather/weatherstation I am talking about the base station vs any additional add ons. Is this something you install on the roof? Being in NJ I have to plan for high winds, snow, ice, etc.
  7. Greetings, One of my (3) T3 in-wall 7" recently stopped responding to the top section (C4 icon, back arrow, close) rendering it fairly useless for easy navigation. If I touch the top section it seems to be miscalibrated and highlights the second row section (room selection, etc..). However, every once and a while it will work briefly for one push then reverts back to the incorrect calibration. I have tried factory reset, remounting, complete power down but can't get it to work consistently. Any ideas? All are powered via POE and I'm nowhere near power budget issues. This has been stable for 2.5yrs and just started on a very lightly used panel. The panels with heavy use are doing just fine. Thanks
  8. https://www.netatmo.com/en-us/helpcenter/weather/1/anemometer-installation-and-precautions/337
  9. where do you install the outdoor sensor? Just looking for ideas. I do not have a fence. the wind would knock it off a patio table or something. just stake it in the ground? I got a lot of deer and other animals in my yard so not sure staking it to the ground would work well. can you attach under a soffit like you would a camera? or its too blocked there to get a good reading?
  10. Thank you - I think I am clear for now. Was there anything tricky you had to do to get the SmartCom to connect to Control4 after using the app or did it just start working with the Control4 driver immediately and dropped the app functionality? Thank you
  11. Cheers πŸ‘Œ~ just order from amazon the full set up
  12. Today
  13. No, but I've been watching for updates to the Intercom Anywhere app - since the issue appears to be with the application no longer getting notifications unless it's running, I'm making an assumption that they're going to have to change the way notifications are being handled within the app. That means they need to fix the issue, publish the change to the Play Store, and then you need to get the update. I'm guessing that we're talking weeks in terms of the timeline, rather than days, but I could be wrong...
  14. Has anyone had any updates? I messaged them a few days ago and go no reply. Mine still doesn't work.
  15. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but there's black and white differences on paper. You are ignoring all the black and white differences, and saying your 'experience' means there's no difference, and you actually have no hands-on experience with it.... all the while decrying subjective experience (but giving yours). You're actually claiming to have all the answers--at least all the ones that matter at least--without even looking at the specs, for example. Meanwhile, I'm saying go actually get some RELEVANT experience with the product we're talking about before you claim your experience (with totally different product) overrides anything else.
  16. Thank you Matt when you mean limit this mean I can basically have two Zones which will ve the two HDMI outputs I have on the matrix? So in this senario TV Ceiling speakers Both in room 1 , I would bind as follows: Zone One on Matrix to HDMI 1 on TV in room 1 and set that TV and Video 1 end point. Then Zone 5 ( which is the HDMI out on the matrix) bind to Yamaha HDMI input, and bind the AV1 on yamaha which is physically connected to the ceiling speakers, as the audio endpoint for room 1. Sorry for the long post just trying to logically build this out in my head.
  17. you should be able to set the recording based on motion as well. if you have 4 sight you can also have the door station send you snapshots with motion or button presses as well.
  18. I do not think anyone said it isn't a nice piece of gear, did they? Nor did I tell the OP not to go that route. And I do not even know the cost of the Triad gear, but the VS gear has a public price and 1 unit fits his need so the suggestion was how much are the 2 triads + any extra programming (if any) needed to loop the two together vs just getting 1 VS. If the price is identical and he can get what he wants out of the Triad gear and it looks better and gets great reviews, sure go with it. If VS (or any other brand) is half the price and can deliver what he wants and the audio quality difference is marginal then that could be a reason to sway him in another direction. I would ABX test if there was a dealer/showroom with such a set up. I am not sure there is 1 showroom on the planet open to the public that has an ABX test set up between Audio Matrix 1 vs Audio Matrix 2. Of course I could be wrong but most showrooms have tests for Pre-pros, amps, AVRs, speakers, etc. Not WHA matrix. And btw I said I have been guilty over over examining audio and video components. And yes I have some nice money sunk into them and I've learned a bit over time. I do not begrudge my purchases, I am simply saying if you take crappy speakers and crappy wire in poorly acoustically treated rooms and you are listening to compressed mp3s via a poor wifi signal off your phone via shairbridge with underpowered amps, your matrix doesn't mean squat. He is asking an isolated question in a chain with many components and potential weak points. That's all. And no where did I say the VS or another model is superior to the Triad, on paper or real world "tests" that I guess you have access to because you know people who have said its a better unit. I am merely showing another side/option and my own experience with different matrices, that's all. I'll defend my stance, I personally do not think there is a major discernible audio difference that 95% of the world would here in real world applications with speakers placed to look nice and blend in but not in the optimal locations, etc (not in a sound lab)
  19. for the thermostat you can get a Eco-bee from me. They have a ridiculous amount of metrics to view from your own site website with remote sensors. We purchase these from Blackwire @Kevin L to make sure he continues slaving away creating new drivers. C4 bought this one from him so its now free to everyone,but still best to support him!
  20. you are correct. control4 handles this with easy with the correct connections. does limit your overall of video outputs you can use. but if you have surround sound for this room you can use it now.
  21. the matter link should have drivers for these associated devices. the fan proxy is only for 4 speeds so one of the speeds just wont work or a speed could be duplicated. I have not installed one personally but have heard great things feel like this is a simple thing they should have already.
  22. might have to reboot the main controller. likely this serial controlled so its pretty simple in its function. you can also check the cbm module and the driver to see if there is any activity from either side.
  23. you need to un hide this in the navigator in any of the rooms that you want to use this driver in. I dont believe it has the options for color. Also i believe this driver has to be used with a door contact sensor to really work correctly. IF not use the regular door lock proxy as it has clear indications of the state of the lock. You could also use a scenario experience driver as well but will involve much more programming. I typically add the corresponding drivers to the same room next to lock, but each deal has their own way of doing it so you might have to look around for it.
  24. Correct on the outputs so If I understand you correctly I would have video going out on output HdbaseT and audio via HDMI out to the receiver? Would that then be two outputs then every time? Hdbaset and HDMI for audio?
  25. Yeah but for cost we decided that the Nest protects 1 look nicer and 2 have both combined so we wouldn't need as many units. My thought was fire more important to have Fire dept called even if you're not home. CO only matters if a living being is in the house so slightly less important in that aspect and figured not having that wired into alarm would be ok as long as we get notified. The only time that notification will matter is if we're in the house. On vacation or something with no cell service fire dept needs called, CO doesn't. ( Until you get home of course). Hope that makes sense.
  26. Matt Lowe


    i think it is in the experience button category.
  27. depends on what is hooked up but i believe the matrix has 4 hdbaset outputs and 2 hdmi so one of the two local hdmis to the receiver could be used.
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