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  2. Update to the latest OS. C4 has made improvements to the camera proxy and streams now load a lot faster and without fail.
  3. Anyone get a response from Jandy regarding time to fix driver issue?
  4. Since we added a lot of notification methods, here is an info graphic that summaries current capabilities The text, images, or full html notification is pushed from a source to your secure SplashTiles Push Data storage Android phone or Tablet via our Notifications for SplashTiles app (forwards selected Android notifications directly) Sending a normal Text message from your phone to your custom TTS address From your Home Automation controller using our free drivers From IFTTT using our simple WebHooks commands From Python / Curl using our simple WebHooks commands A SplashTiles Script (custom designed by you) is triggered to display your notification Screen (custom designed by you) on any or all of your connected display devices Android TVs or Fire TVs running our SplashTiles app Android streaming device or Fire Stick running our SplashTiles app Any device with a web browser The notification Screen can either automatically dismiss after the set time limit, or be dismissed directly by the Back button.
  5. I know this post is kind of old, but I ran across it while looking to see if QNAP's QVR Face AI used with their QVR Pro Surveillance System could somehow be used to create triggers in Control4. Right now, I have all my cameras setup using my QNAP as an NVR, but the only Control4 integration I can find for QNAP is as a network storage device, nothing else. It would be kinda cool if someone was approaching your front door, you could set things up like for the front door to lock/unlock depending on who it is.
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  7. If it is still used after reboot, you might be able to find it in director logs when the project loads if director's log level is set to trace or debug.
  8. Unfortunately, there is no method to find out. Just have to keep deleting until it shuts off. I would reboot the controller after removing the driver in case something was not shut down correctly during driver destruction.
  9. Unifi protect has always been good to me and integrates pretty good with no hiccups. The cloud key gen 2 plus works good too.
  10. Ok thank you. I really appreciate your guys time with answering my questions. I will just purchase russound equipment for radio. I am a certified technician myself A+, Cisco I & II, networking degrees, and much more. It doesn't make sense to lose the job by handing it over to someone else and loosing all my profit. It really is nice equipment.
  11. Another option if you're worried about noise: I mounted my unit in the crawl space, so all I hear in the room/house is rushing air.
  12. I'm troubleshooting a driver which isn't working properly but it communicates using UDP port 9999. I've removed the driver and rebooted, but there appears to be something else listening on port 9999: ~# netstat -l -p | grep 9999 udp 0 0* 4029/director udp 0 0* 4029/director How can I tell which other driver(s) are using this port? It doesn't show in Composer Pro -> Network -> IP Network under the list of connections either.
  13. If we were making every data port live in a home we would put a network switch in the structure panel and wire the jacks directly into the switch. If they went to a rack we would probably still go directly to a rackmount switch unless it was a commercial environment where things may be moved around often. That's really the only time we utilize patch panels.
  14. installed a 55 and 75 with no issue
  15. I might have a LU862D with 6 baluns for sale soon. It uses Ethernet for 6 displays and hdmi for 2. A friend is talking to his dealer about it, but I think from what he described to me he needs a larger option than a 8x8. So just waiting for him to tell me he is a go or no go on wanting the LU862D. Should know within a week, possibly even today.
  16. Are these working now? I have a 2021 Frame TV on the way now...
  17. @IntrinsicGroupDoes the driver only work with the latest Gen KEF LS50 Wireless?
  18. Finally I follow this tutorial to control my shades. (Sometimes little but like today impossible to open one of the 3 shades ... why ??? I don't know...). But normally it's works perfectly.
  19. Thanks for sharing! To bad it does not work. I reached out to Domosapiens, the developpers of the driver to see if they have a EU version on the roadmap.
  20. Thanks for sharing! To bad it does not work. I reached out to Domosapiens, the developpers of the driver to see if they have a EU version on the roadmap.
  21. Hi, i have just tried this in the UK and it doesnt work
  22. I'm curious what most installers do regarding patch panels or direct connect home runs to switches. I requested that every jack in every room be hot for data. So it is a 1:1 cable to switch port ratio. My installer decided to bring the home run directly to the switch. But after reading more about this, I feel like they should have used a patch panel. What is the consensus among installers?
  23. https://www.somfysystems.com/en-us/products/smart-home-controls/automation-systems/control4 did you try it?
  24. There is a somfy tahoma driver in the control4 library. Does it only work with the US based Tahoma?
  25. First post, feel free to roast. Total noob although I did search, probably incorrectly. I was looking at some inexpensive recessed lighting on amazon, do these work with control 4? The idea of dimming, color changing, and thin mount LED is very appealing. If not, is there a light that meets those needs and works with control4. Id love to someday have the color temp change based on the time of day.
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