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  2. Using an indoor listed TV outside is asking for trouble. Any installer who does so is exposing themselves to huge liabilities.
  3. I would recommend changing your network DNS settings to and
  4. Yeah mine is on reserved ip in dhcp also and hasn’t dropped. It’s also only about 10 feet from an ap
  5. I want to bump this again to make sure I am reading this right; can someone confirm that there is a new AppleTV API that will allow developers to be able to select an app and even control things inside that app like changing to a specific channel?
  6. I have a whole home audio system with C4 that when streaming Deezer to a single zone or multiple zones it eventually starts cutting in and out and when it cuts out it can last up to 20 seconds and then comes back in but only for a second or two. It is not a network issue or internet issue as other services such as video conferencing, streaming, etc all work just fine. The C4 issue happens often at least 24 hours after we start playing the music (we leave it on all day for the dog). It never corrects itself and it requires turning the system off and back on. This seems to correct it for a full day or two and then we repeat. Anyone have any views as to what is causing this? Related Equipment: Triad TS-AMS24 Audio Matrix Triad PAMP8-100 16 cannel amp Triad PAMP4-100 8 channel amp Our dealer has been less then helpful (just reboots it and tells us it is our internet - which makes no sense as it would correct itself when it speeds up if it indeed slowed down). Given there are a number of forums dedicated to this type of topic, and I cant seem to find resolutions, I figured I would try again. I am not a technical person in this world so wont know network language. I suspect it is a glitch in the hardware but that is my uneducated views based on logic based on the symptoms. Cheers,
  7. I have had a Generator for last 10 years and using Tripp Lite and Cyber Power. Added the last one to off load the Tripp Lite in order to support whole rack. Needed more outlets. Both prove to be trouble free, Cyber Power was cheaper at the time of purchase.
  8. I did the same thing. I replaced the first TV after about 7 years, not because there was anything wrong with it, but because I wanted a larger size. My TV is also in direct sunlight in the afternoon and I watch from the pool occasionally. My TV is on an articulated arm and it is in a mostly enclosed pool cabana when not in use.
  9. Mine is on reserved IP, id by sddp Issue happening with 5G or 2.4G wifi, signal strength reported by AP is -60dbm
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  11. I'm with you...... I buy a shinny new UPS too.
  12. Thanks. I did call APC and like everywhere else service seems to be spotty during the covid era and had to go to chat..took 1 hr..not ideal. It also seemed like he may have been juggling multiple chats as it sometimes took 10 minutes to answer me. Guy I had was pretty mediocre , imo, and said to send a debug file but didn't really tell me how to do it. I finally told him I would try to figure it out myself and ended the chat. Based on my experience I probably wont end up with an APC unit. The shutting down preceded the installation of the genny so thats not the cause.
  13. Thanks. So Im thinking maybe 1k watts and a stand up tower battery vs the 1500 rack mount I have now? The price seems to be higher for a rack mounted battery and anything north of 1k watts.
  14. The IQ2+ can connect to 5G wifi....go to the panel and check your signal strength. Perhaps it's getting kicked every now and then.
  15. APC support is awesome, worth asking a question. Normally with an old UPS you could just get a new battery and save $$$....but being it's just shutting down, I'd check with APC first. PS....And probably the first thing to check.... A UPS may have problems being on a circuit that goes to a generator. It's possible since the generator is new, the UPS is being "triggered". You may need a UPS that has a generator line mode.
  16. The water pump has a separate sensor for water. It is not part of HA/C4. If water is detected on that sensor it allows the water pump to turn on and it's powered with city water pressure. I'm honestly not 100% up to tune with how it works other than that. The auto shut off is for other areas as my sump crocks are in an area with no water lines and is 1 ft lower lying than the rest of the basement.
  17. Often simpler is better - Away button. Home is triggered by an external door being unlocked when in away mode and has different actions depending on ToD.
  18. Mine is on reserved IP too and works fine.
  19. Yup that would work. I don’t necessarily care about monitoring it so wattbox isn’t on my must have lost for a ups. Apc or tripplite is what I use. But if you only need 10 sec to a min.. pretty much any decent size system would work.
  20. hi good day. i just need to know that can be possible to have a security code in every icon of the apps in residential project? so that user needs to type a code for every icon prior to give a command. TIA
  21. Battery life is exactly the reason there's relatively few wireless (as in battery powered) relays out there. Making sure you use NO only relays can help, but they still tend to drain a lot of energy while they're closed (engaged). Still, a month isn't terrible, and all you're doing is a basic battery change. Love the idea and execution!
  22. Seen it on some often used engraved buttons, especially early ones, but never on the top or bottom bar...also looks like the light sensor window came off the bottom bar?
  23. Hmm, wonder if the panels are on reserved IP or not? We've never seen this, but we by default set them to a reserved IP.
  24. Awww, what a cute "look how I can't not be right" post. Except, of course, that you're simply trolling at this point, so no-one wins 🤷‍♂️
  25. Same problem with disconnect here. Only rebooting the qolsys panel brings the connection back
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