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  2. That's fair, I could see more on an 18 outlet strip as well.
  3. I could and I do. But with the new vertical strip, it is nice to be able to plug each device into the outlet closet to the device and not necessarily in the outlet reboot order. Plus I know this relatively simple programming to achieve, so worth asking for.
  4. I would contend if you know it reboots in sequential order couldn't you plug things into that sequence as needed?
  5. Today
  6. You can find all sorts of universal din rail mounting brackets on Amazon etc. Mount the bracket on the item and then mount on the rail.
  7. I have an NVR 500, but in Composer HE H264 is greyed-out. I'm probably missing a driver for streaming.
  8. I installed the ChowMain driver for LIFX last evening and it works great so far. The lights are a 9 foot run in my kitchen. Several questions/issues: 1. the only way I can turn the lights off is by setting the brightness to ZERO. That has been mentioned and there seems to be no other work around. 2. I have several ways that the kitchen lights are turned on: a. voice command - three levels of lighting by voice b. motion sensor/movement c. time of day (scheduler) each of these have always been done using the advanced lighting so it has been no issue. Now I have to go to each place and manually enter what I want to happen. Is there a better way? This also means that I have to set the color that I want in each of these scenes and level. The application has much more control on my phone that control4 has over the lights. I must not see the "vision" yet for how to do this really nicely. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Bill
  9. Is there ever going to be a din rail mount version. Though I suppose this could just sit in the bottom of the C4 lighting panel.
  10. Surely pm the KISS approach if people are in the back yard then the kitchen, living room, something room lights will also be naturally on. So the override can reset on that or on whatever goodnight or alarm stay you do at eod.
  11. For those of you who have your landscape lighting in C4, I’m curious to hear how you have it programmed. The most obvious thing to do is sunset until some time around bed time. But I’m also thinking about cases where we might be hanging out outdoors and not want them to turn off on us just because we’re up late. I could add a button to temporarily switch the lights into manual mode (either until toggled back to auto, or maybe have it expire after 12 hours). I also thought about some more “smart” heuristics, like “don’t turn off the landscape lights if the back yard music is playing, or if the outdoor ceiling fan is on.” But in the past when I’ve tried to be too clever about stuff, it creates weird edge cases that are confusing to the rest of the family 😂 I’m probably over-thinking this, but that’s half the fun of this hobby. So I’d love to hear about how you all have this stuff set up.
  12. May be interested in both.
  13. ya I updated when I got home as well - It was a good 2 hours and I just tried turning it back on and it didn't happen but we'll see.
  14. Noticing the same with same driver and sleep settings. Just updated to 12.2 (Apple TV) and will see if anything changes.
  15. Yes I am and no power savings enabled.
  16. Can be had region free, but you have to intentionally locate them.
  17. should be something in the partition programming to set the alarm state. might be one of the functions like instant alarm or something to that effect
  18. Here ya go, I made a video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8HYDiva1o8 Let me know what you think.
  19. are you using the new 4k atv driver for it? the old driver may not function correct. Also ensure sleep or any power savings are turned off.
  20. Good evening...… So I have the trigger word in echo as panic on.... but am not able to set the GE concord to Alarm state on.... or to trigger the alarm to sound... anyone have any ideas?
  21. Hi all, I've started to notice an issue the last few days with the new driver - after turning off the TV for extended time and turning my TV/ATV back on (like say overnight/all day), remote is not connecting and I have to open my iPhone to use the remote to restart the ATV, then the SR 260 will connect again and I can use it. Anyone else having this issue?
  22. Yesterday
  23. Anyone know if the x700 or x800 are region free?
  24. not sure i am following correctly. But if the matrix is powering off when everything is turned off that can be changed in the driver in most cases. should be a property to change.
  25. Doesn't look the c4 driver is working at all, at least if you want your OWN weather. If any of our smart driver developers are willing to write a new driver, I'd be up to purchase something. WU is still offering API keys to PWS (personal weather station) uploaders. Here are the new API commands: documentation for those commands is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eKCnKXI9xnoMGRRzOL1xPCBihNV2rOet08qpE_gArAY/edit
  26. I have had my dealer upgrade my Control4 to version 2.10.6 558226. When all system are turned off and we try to turn any of the Samsung TV's the TV will not power TV on via IR. If we try to turn on other TV it will work with on problem. As long as the Atlona Matrix is power up to it's remote unit have power any other TV will receive IR correctly. This is a timing issue. It use to work before the upgrade.
  27. going to have to get C4 and Snap to cooperate on it likely, not sure there is any other basic trouble shooting to be done.
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