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  2. What video matrix are you using? What video mode is the atv in?
  3. AppleTV issue I’m trying to figure out. All new Samsung TVs with the ATV connected directly to the TV with HDMI and same behavior when going through a video matrix - only seeing this issue now with C4 in the mix. This behavior I or didn’t happen with the ATV connected directly to one of the TVs prior to C4. When I pause a video on the ATV and then click the menu button, there seems to be a momentary ‘disconnect’ of the ATV video signal and the Samsung TVs show their version of the spinning ‘wait’ wheel for a few seconds and then the ATV menu shows up. It feels like the ATV is disconnecting or sending a weird signal when I’m hitting the menu button and the Samsungs are picking that up and there is that delay on the video. Consistent across all of the TVs as far as I can tell. When I had one of the ATVs connected directly to one of these new TVs before the C4 installation I didn’t have this issue. The TVs and the ATV are using IP control right now (latest drivers downloaded). Is this normal or anyone have experience with addressing this? Thanks in advance! Edit: I tried toggling CEC on and off and the same thing happens in both modes. Now I’m wondering if going back to the icons or the movie ‘info’ screen changes the resolution of the ATV and that is causing the momentary hiccup causing the Samsung TVs to refresh the HDMI handshake or something?? Again, this didn’t happen prior to C4 being in the mix and it’s happening on both local HDMI direct input ATVs and ATVs in the matrix. This is just annoying because every time I go back to the icons/movie info screen I have to wait a few seconds while the Samsung TV is processing something.
  4. c4 just like any other automation system is only as good as its designer, programmer, and installer. having said that, we have systems that are extremely stable and never hear from clients until we send them info on new items or updates. but then we do have some hiccup jobsites, which are very few. its electronics, things go bad. some cheap parts are great and last forever and some dont. be prepared to set up the system properly, if you live in an area that has lots of power outages, put your rack on a ups. if you have lots of quick brownouts put all your cable boxes on small ups. design is important. c4 has been solid,
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  6. 14/4 is totally sufficient for 8ohm and 16x2 for 70v.
  7. Sorry to hijack this thread but it popped up when I searched for c4 illumination driver. It's indicated that it is possible although might be a bit of lag in the comms, do you just use the QS drivers? I have the illumination processor on the LAN any advice gratefully received.
  8. This has now been updated to be compatible with the BRPXXCXX model of adapters. Note you will need to type in the key (found on a sticker on the hardware) for it authenticate.
  9. The Sonoff RF bridge is a $5 device as well, just google it it’s available in Amazon. I flashed it with Tasmota and have 8 around the house to have a full RF coverage! I use Berto.io drivers to integrate to C4 and to program RF buttons.
  10. Thank you for the answer. There is no anymore dealer who sell Control4 to us so they can't help. I'm from Finland and I think Control4 is not so popular in our country. Hard to find help.
  11. Maybe a C4 Z2IO if the location isn't near your controller.
  12. Not directly compatible. This and with the relatively small house there may not be the need for the more expensive Lutron lines. When the EMEA guys come online they might recommend Tasmota flashed Tuya switches. They are 10-15 bucks each and can be controlled with MQTT integration. There are also Shelly integrations. I just think the Lutron or C4 switches are going to be a better fit for the OP.
  13. Yup. A great option if you are on a budget. Most of my switches are now C4, but my main floor was almost all Lutron Castea for a few years.
  14. You will need a dealer to add the receiver. Look in the remote dealer forum for a number of guys that can help if the dealer you bought it from can’t help.
  15. I bought my Control4 system couple years ago. Now I want to add new audio receiver (Marantz) on it. My Control4 remote control is not working with it so I think it's driver problem. I already found driver to Marantz but I don't know how to install driver! Do I need Composer program? I never get licence number from seller so I can't download Composer.
  16. If you had an exact equal system as far as dimmers and switches, the RadioRa2 is going to be around 20%+/- more expensive. RadioRa2 uses Maestro controls. The biggest cost difference in addition to the controls is going to be the RadioRa2 repeater vs the Caseta hub, which is about $400 more. RadioRa2 Select allows you to use their occupancy sensors, HVAC controls, and engraved Pico remotes, and is available in satin finishes whereas Caseta is gloss finishes only. Also you can use wireless relays for lighting control; so you could have relays in junction boxes while only using Pico remotes at the wall. RadioRa2 adds the ability to also use GrafikEye and Grafik T dimmers, as well as SeeTouch keypads. It also has an expanded lineup of sensors. You can spend far more dollars moving into those controls. It adds support for their higher end shades. Caseta and RadioRa2 use different apps. Caseta offers IFTTT integration, RadioRa2 does not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Purchased similar setup with UDM Pro, switches, and AP's. Why do you need VLANs and two different WiFi networks? Not a network guru but interested in why you decided on this format.
  18. Thanks. I have the IR attached to the IR in the closed rear compartment. I covered the front IRs as well, as I read if light goes into the front ones it could also affect the rear IR function. It’s weird that it only affects Power Off function, and only after the TV has been in awhile.
  19. Hi all - I have two LG sound bars and always wanted IP control of them (Specifically discrete volume control with feedback - so the volume sliders on my NEEO work). I found this on GitHub, and tested that it works with my SK9Ys. Any idea how hard it would be to write an IP driver for this? https://github.com/google/python-temescal
  20. Went to play amazing music and tune in this evening and everything goes into the queue and nothing plays. Reset my whole system and deleted and reinstalled app and same issue. Anyone have any ideas?
  21. How much is a Lutron Select light switch? I'm guessing the Ra2 or Select are about the same cost as the C4 switches.... Not sure though.
  22. I would consider RadioRa2 or Select as well if looking at Lutron. More device and keypad options, and the nicer satin finishes too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I haven’t experienced any problems with control functionality of Legrand RF controls, but I would like to know what specific issues you’ve had? I’ve had some failures over the years but I’d say it’s not out of the ordinary considering how many I’ve installed. My Legrand reps have always replaced them without question though. Also in case OP didn’t see, if you scroll further down the page you’ll see the decora style Radiant switches that are much less expensive than Adorne. There is a Zigbee version coming soon; idk if it will be compatible with C4 though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I will have to look at this. It's much easier for my family to chose listen thru C4 for a zone then go to the sonos app to control apple music
  25. I have two open box Pakedge PCNA kits I'm looking to trade for URC product.
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