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  2. Another pro I would add for Plex is that once you have a Plex server running you can access it from pretty much any device, including phones, tablets, etc. And it works very well to stream remotely as well assuming that you can forward the port that it uses - so you can watch your content when away from home (which isn't very relevant these days), or you can give friends and family access to your movie library - void where prohibited by law.
  3. Thanks Ryan - great support since it has only been out for about 48 hours.
  4. I understand that. We have a Cinema One on our testbench which is both server and client.
  5. We've already had a couple dealers email in and get us the info, so we already have a driver, it just hasn't been released yet. I have attached a link to it to here for your convenience. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejfw45ffozgmfos/um_Crave.c4z It should be released to Control4's online database shortly. RyanE
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  7. Hi Alan. Just a small clarification. Kaleidescape does not necessarily require server and a client. The strato as you know is a player with built in storage and can operate on its own or play movies from other servers or other stratos.
  8. I've been testing and developing drivers for media players for the past 15 years now and have come to find some preferences. This all depends on the user though and i'll try to summarise it here. Kaldeiscape Pros Highest quality Easiest to use Highest quality movie store Event feedback is by far the best Server / Client model means that you can have multiple clients access the same library throughout the home. Control4 driver supports library browsing and is smart enough to select the first unused client available in that room Cons Requires seperate server to client Most expensive Bluray discs need to be inserted into a Vault for playback of digital copies (due to legal complications) Zappiti Pros Hardware can playback every codec/container/format i have thrown at it including 4k HDR Bluray ISOs with menu Storage can be on your own NAS or on internal HDD (upto 16tb on the Mini i have) They have a NAS / Ripper if you want something easy to backup your own content. Control4 driver supports library brownsing Cons Navigation through Control4 doesn't provide cover art through menu's (only on individual movie page) - This may change in the future if the API changes to support it. Event feedback is not as detailed as Kodi or Kaleidescape. LIbrary is on the client meaning you have to maintain multiple libraries if you have multiple clients. Kodi Pros Its software so you can install on various forms of supported hardware depending on your requirements! From as low end as a raspberry pi To a high end HTPC Storage can be on your own NAS or on internal HDD. Event feedback is fantastic Control4 driver supports library browsing. Cons Experience can vary depending on hardware it is installed on Requires user to maintain it LIbrary is on the client meaning you have to maintain multiple libraries if you have multiple clients. Plex Pros Its software so you can install on various forms of supported hardware. From as low end as a raspberry pi To a high end HTPC Server / Client model means that you can have multiple clients access the same library throughout the home. Different users can get access to different content as well! Control4 driver supports library browsing. Cons Client / Server model Server needs to be extremely powerful as it needs to transcode content so lower end clients can play it back. As such experience can vary depending on hardware it is installed on Requires user to maintain it Event feedback is not as detailed as Kodi or Kaleidescape. At this point in time my personal preference is Zappiti. If i wasn't invested into Kodi at my own home i would invest in Zappiti myself and will be what i recommend to integrators who want to find a replacement for Dune.
  9. Agree that you should get an electrician. If you are feeling saucy you could also by pass the switches to see if the light comes on directly from the breaker. Turn off your breaker. Connect the two white/blacks in box one. If they are your load and your line, the light will come on. If not, it is what Cy said and I bet he is correct. The second white black most likely goes to an outlet or another light switch in the area. Turn off the breaker again. Connect the white/black from the breaker to the white black of the three way switch. Do not use the red wire. Go to the second box and connect the whites and blacks. Turn on the breaker. My bet is the light will come on. A better idea is turn the circuit off and either use a tone generator or continuity tester to figure out where the lines are going. This is most likely what you have with the second white/black in first box power another outlet/switch in general area. Cap the wires coming from the panel. Is anything else not working besides the light? That is where these wire are going.
  10. I really hope physicaledia does. It vanish, this would such so much as all streaming services have sub par quality compared to physical media... Consumers need to realize that anything they watch on Amazon prime, Netflix and Disney is something they don't own and can always be subject to change - so what you like is free / included now but might require an extra payment next year.... But I guess most ppl just don't care or... Well I'd rather not say [emoji1787]
  11. You're not a European country anymore, or at least soon won't be.
  12. LOL. Hey, I don't choose your government, you do 😉
  13. It is capable of doing that yes. But it's also a copying software (again, that as such isn't illegal!) as well as a region removal tool (which isn't illegal) - moreover it is capable of making copies with full protection intact..... Understand that I'm NOT a legal expert in this - just pointing out that this whole thing is a LOT more complex than a yes/no answer.
  14. If your Sony has a Zone 2 line level out that is not being used, you can use something like this: https://www.amazon.com/2GF9410-MuxLab-Stereo-Audio-Balun/dp/B001KONBH4/ref=sr_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=stereo+audio+balun&qid=1586465921&sr=8-14 I believe this particular unit is sold as a single item, so you would need to purchase two of them. There are less expensive options, but the audio quality on them can be port. Please keep the following in mind if you go this route: 1. Your cat5/cat6 would need to be terminated first for this to work 2. Your system would need to be programmed so that Zone 2 of the AVR corresponded to a new Control4 room (i.e. Family Room TV Headphones.) 3. The wireless transceiver you purchased would have tp: a. Fit behind the TV or otherwise have a place to be situated nearby b. Have access to a power outlet c. Have a set of female stereo RCA input jacks
  15. Why have we always got to be the exception (and mostly means less good stuff available) 🤔🤣
  16. But software like AnyDVD falls under circumventing copy protection. There are other silly things that are illegal. The recent Canadian copyright law change technically legalized timeshifting but only for 30 days. You are not allowed to archive recordings that you mak for the long term. (That was in the original legislation and I believe it survived to the final version)
  17. It's one of those wonderful areas that are NEVER easily answered, anywhere. OWNING or SELLING software that can copy movies is not illegal. For software that is able to decrypt...that gets muddy. If the program's SOLE function is to decrypt, then it is illegal in some countries (primarily the USA). REDISTRIBUTING any copyrighted material is by default illegal. Owning a BACKUP of something you already legally OWN is, as such, NOT illegal. Indeed this is generally considered to be a consumer right. DEFEATING a copy protection...is illegal (in the USA and Canada). UNLESS the copyright owner has an agreement in place to allow it for personal use, be it in general terms, or specific agreements with companies. That leaves a bit of a hole in that making a direct copy of a disc (with protection in tact) is not illegal. Though of course redistributing that copy would be. Fun no? And on the most other developed countries part...no it isn't illegal to rip a movie for PERSONAL USE in most European countries (Britain being the exception), Australia and Japan. Again, that's talking about personal use only - not distributing, sharing or downloading.
  18. Couldn't you use something like this. Go from an audio out on your rack and then in your family room put a bluetooth adapter. https://www.amazon.com/Stereo-Audio-Over-Cable-Extender/dp/B01JDAEP2Q
  19. There is finally a Roku channel for Crave (FKA CraveTV) which is a Canadian streaming service owned by Bell Canada that has Canadian rights to HBO shows, amongst other content. Any dealers in Canada want to make a Crave mini-app?
  20. I ended up creating a fake room and placing the EA-1 and the virtual TV in there. That allows me to control it by quick switch room which is OK for my needs. Thanks! Rick
  21. edit the xml to have the new app ID, images and service names, then rezip
  22. Yes, I do have a spare cat6 cable ran from the home run rack to my family room. Can you explain specifically what I'd need to pick up to make this work?
  23. Isn't any solution that involves ripping illegal in the US, Canada and most other Developed countries? Speaking of streaming, is there a TIdal for video? What I mean by this is a streaming service that focuses on highest quality content.
  24. How exactly do you do this - do you just copy the XML of an existing channel, say Netflix, and then just change the name and channel ID number? The Canadian streaming service Crave has finally come to Roku and it would be great to have a mini-channel. For example, here is my app query on a Roku device: <apps> <app id="tvinput.hdmi3" type="tvin" version="1.0.0">Control4</app> <app id="tvinput.hdmi1" type="tvin" version="1.0.0">SageTV</app> <app id="tvinput.hdmi2" type="tvin" version="1.0.0">FireTV</app> <app id="tvinput.dtv" type="tvin" version="1.0.0">Antenna TV</app> <app id="12" subtype="ndka" type="appl" version="4.2.81179053">Netflix</app> <app id="278425" subtype="rsga" type="appl" version="0.0.246">Crave</app> </apps> So could I just take the Netflix portion of the C4 driver, copy and paste the XML for the mini-app and then change the name from Netflix to Crave and the app ip from 12 to 278425?
  25. Hi is anybody else having the following issue with the OvrC Home app (I'm on iOS)? I'm not sure if it's an app issue or a real issue See attached screenshot - basically, most of the actions my dealer has set up for OvrC Home show as being unavailable This has been going on for probably 2 weeks or so and I'd say that maybe 80% of the time, it shows as what the screenshot shows; the other 20% of the time all the actions show up fine My dealer is not sure what is going on All functionality of my system is preserved (ie, I don't notice any issues with anything) Of course the problem is that if I need to execute any of the actions in the OvrC Home app, I wouldn't be able to if that action is unavailable Thanks in advance
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