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  2. My experience is similar but I’d really like it to work so I can assign some keypads to each feature. 1. The pump status, temperature abs heater seen to always be correct. 2. If I turn on the deck keys from the C4 app, they will indeed turn on (as long as the deck keys are in the off position when I open the C4 app) but if I set my phone down and the app shuts off, the state will be changed back to off when I open the C4 app again. I’ve tried toggling back on and then off to get it to respond but it will not.
  3. I have it, and it seems to sync up states, however I do see some bizarre things here and there. For example, if I turn off a water feature (slide) from C4, sometimes the slide will go On / Off / On / Off / On / Off / On / Off (over and over for a minute or two) - this doesn't happen, but when it does, it makes you wonder what's happening. When this is happening, you can see the slider on the touchscreen going back and forth on it's own... I've also seen the same thing with the lights, where the lights will turn on, you'll change the color using C4 on the touchscreen, and the lights will turn off (when this happens I think that it's just the intellicenter adjusting the color, because it works by cycling the circuit x number of times to tell the lights what colors to use, and while doing this the lights remain off), however they will stay off indefinitely. I rarely turn things on via the IntelliCenter itself, we almost exclusively use a touchscreen that's near the patio.
  4. Pretty sure the extra features, like lights, are not 2 way compatible. That's why states can be off, especially if using the native app and c4's.
  5. That helps, thanks. Now I'll check if that fixes some of the strange display on/off behavior when changing sources.
  6. Best bet might be to use Varietas' Homebridge app. You can then add devices to the Home app, and they will show up in your dashboard...I even have the garage showing in CarPlay when I come home.
  7. correct, by default audio and video will come over the hdmi. For your particular setup, hdmi audio is not needed because you get it from the audio matrix, so disabling that will fix the algorithm in composer pathing.
  8. Just interested - would the only reason to have this property enabled be to use the HDMI audio as one of the 5 possible streams on an EA-5 ?
  9. purchase the metal back box and surface mount it. or the box gets sunk into the wall if you can get wire to it.
  10. The Roku tv should be video endpoint 1 and video's audio volume 1. Your amp should be audio endpoint 1 Your audio matrix should be audio volume 1
  11. Trying to figure out a small problem with announcements into the kids bedrooms. I have an 8 zone C4/Triad Amp, 8x8 C4 AV matrix and an EA-5. I've never hooked up the ceiling speakers in the kids rooms, but I have some spare zones so I thought that would be a good thing to do - they can have a TIDAL stream each, and in return I can play announcements for dinner time etc. Their existing C4 setup for their bedrooms simply consists of a Roku TV and some lighting. The video end point is The Roku TV, and Audio End Point 1 is the TV. Video Volume 1/Audio Volume 1 is obviously also the Roku TV. I added a zone of the Amp to be Audio End Point 2, and Audio Volume 2 is the corresponding zone of the AV matrix. This works fine for playing TIDAL, and controlling volume works as expected. However - when I add the room in Announcement Agent, I get a problem with setting the volume, due to a lack of 'discrete volume control'. It works in the master bedroom, but this only has one Video/Audio end point. What am I doing wrong ? As you can see, the volume settings are greyed out on the two kids rooms. Assuming that I can fix this, what's the best text-to-speech driver for announcements ? Something that my wife can use from a touch screen/app. And/or can they be triggered by an Alexa command in the kitchen if they are pre-programmed ?
  12. Most likely an EDID problem. Is the hdmi direct to your TV or through an AVR?
  13. as long as you check the box on the EA5 properties to "disable HDMI audio", that should fix it. If you have composer HE, I believe you can do that, otherwise your dealer would have to log in and do it.
  14. OK great, thank you very much Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  15. What you describe should work. I don't know if this matters but it might not allow you to use the HDMI for an On screen UI.
  16. Well both of those converters together cost me a total of $37 Basically I want to make sure that this will work to get all 3 streams to go to the c4 amp and all 3 streams will work at the same time. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  17. You might want to consider buying a used HC800 on eBay. They have two analog stereo outputs and can sometimes be had for about $100 which may not be much more than the two audio converters. Another option is to add an Echo Dot (or multiple Echo Dots) to your matrix amp and to use them around the house. Then you can use that as an audio source for services like Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. But you may not like having Amazon devices all over your house and using voice commands to start the music. You should be able to get them for about $30 each.
  18. It doesn't appear to me that you can add C4 app Widgets to the home screen on the new iOS14. Am I missing something? It would be great to be able to add widgets for things like Sessions, or direct links to C4 devices like lights with Widgets. I hope C4 is working on this.
  19. Did not effect them much ~ but we are a good customer
  20. Hi, can anybody on this forum sell me this module (ZYA-MOD-C4-S)? If so, please drop me a PM
  21. Hi, How have people secured the touchscreen in/on a brick wall. The mounting brackets from Control4 seem to be made for plasterboard installations. Thanks, Royce
  22. As above. Also interested in 7" in wall touchscreen in white.
  23. Hello, Very interested in the following: DS2 doorstation (does it have the keypad?) EA1 (is it V1 or V2?) BINARY MOIP RECEIVER B-900-MOIP-4K-TX x3 B-900-MOIP-4K-CTRL Z2IR Zigbee to IR Depending on prices I would take the whole of the above. Could you PM me asap please.
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