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  2. I have a PAMP4 that is missing the rack ears and zone output speaker plugs. Does anyone know where I can get them?
  3. That's a good price I would be all over that if I wasn't a dealer Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. Just installed a Ring with the Blackwire driver. It all works very well together, almost no delay to C4. Wasn't a fan of having to use another app and their subscription service, but it;s pretty slick.
  5. Did you ever create an updated version? Although I'm several years out, I'll try this out. Thanks!
  6. I am looking to buy Just Add Power debug cable.Let me know if anyone has one.
  7. I have working C4-16AMP3-B that i am looking to sell.No issues.Only selling as i am getting new triad amp and matrix. Looking to get $475 or OBO including shipping. Will entertain trades for triad 8x8 matrix
  8. Our IFTTT driver works for alot of stuff but one of the use cases (at least in my house) is ring doorbell press and motion https://www.chowmainsoft.com/ifttt Blackwire also have a ring doorbell driver as well which they sell.
  9. Hi, how are you? ifttt driver for Ring? how much? does it work with 2.9.1? did you do that driver?
  10. At my old house i used ring with battery and our IFTTT driver. Worked well. Only had to charge it once every 4-6 months. What was nice was that it emailed me when the battery was low and needed charging. Charged up in about 4 hours from memory. At my new place i still use the same ring doorbell buts its permanently powered using the old doorbells cabling.
  11. Will on WiFi turf, am very happy with Xiaomi WiFi lamps/leds, very few to nil hiccups in the past 2.5 years, Shelly/Sonoff allows u to use a local solution not cloud based at all, also u can reflash them with Tasmota or whatever and u never need cloud for anything. WiFi will evolve for sure as for reliability, C4 Zigbee is the ultimate but take a look at the x10 or x20 cost ...
  12. Wi-Fi/Cloud solution and Stable cannot be in the same sentence... i would be glad to hear you're satisfied with this solution but I doubt the long term reliability, the same as all cloud-based/app controlled/customer grade RGB LED controller. For the cheapest Integrated RGB control that is reliable (without going DMX), I would prefer to go with the ultra-simple yet complete IR driver from Chowmain that work with any cheap IR-controller RGB lights, it is so simple it can't fail. Just forget bout all those Wi-Fi/Cloud/App crap or leave the customer deal with it (cause they usually work well using only their app), else you will hear the phone ringing a lot....
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  14. U have nothing except battery based WiFi then, with every power outage it will also wait till AP’s work again so not going to be faster, maybe u can use Zigbee Extender 3 for a stronger signal?
  15. On some hdbaset kits the pinout is below and needs to be crossed over to be properly connected. Others are tip and sleeve and work with a regular stereo cable Tip-5volt constant to power a repeater Ring-signal Sleeve-ground On a c4 controller Tip-signal Sleeve- ground
  16. delete the power status contact. You don't have a power status contact.
  17. yep. ring. is it best/only option? just trying to see what options do we have.
  18. This is how it is now wired This is how it is now programmed. Still no joy. Oh well, I will let you know what I finally figure out incase anyone else needs a pictorial for dummies like I do. Thanks for the help.
  19. Amr


    Give it some time and it will pop up in an upcoming release
  20. Is the missing cables including power cables as well?
  21. If u r using the 250’s for IR only then u can drop all of them for Z2IO or Z2IR, as for EA3 it depends on your project size if mid then it can replace the 800, but an EA5 is solid choice and u can’t go wrong with this. You can also use the 800 but u will loose the GUI, this is what the rumors are predicting ...
  22. I added a phantom Control4 108 amp and bound it to the room and the relay and contacts
  23. I'm assuming you will also need a trigger built in to your project either by adding a relay to the room and programming it to open/close based on room selections. or there may be drivers which do this already??
  24. You are correct, change Apple TV and Roku’s IP’s from HE. Of course I have all DHCP enabled but all is locked from the router/NAS, So I basically have my DHCP server controlled by Synology and I can have upto 255 IP address per subnet.
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