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  2. Someone suggested offline that there is another device with the same address on the network. I turned off the projector, and no other devices were present. Any other ideas?
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  4. I’ve got 4 keypad dimmers and 2 fan speed controllers. All white, and all brand new in the new box. Surplus left over from a new house build and some last minute color changes in a few places. Open to reasonable offers before going to eBay.
  5. Forgot to reboot my Shield which was acting as the encoder. That seemed to fix it (for now - fingers crossed!)
  6. I went conventional also for the same reason. C4 switches and dimmers and works great. Can revert back if desired or sell the house.
  7. All TV’s but 1 in the house work fine. On the one issue TV any content is slightly skipping - I’ve tried both streaming and local content, does not matter. I am using NetPlay by @videostorm so I’ve tried the following: 1) Unplug/plug back in HDMI Cables to the TV (this TV is going into an AVR, using a Shield that goes into the AVR input) 2) Regen the profiles 3) Rebooted the VTX100 4) restart stream (I have this command every time any source is picked just to be safe) Its a fairly new TV, Sony A9F less than 1 year old so latest chipsets for HDMI and all that good stuff.
  8. Partnerships with certain platforms and not others
  9. I’m building now and did all C4 lighting. My decision was based around having it all wired for conventional lighting, so that down the line I’m not limited in what I can do (think 20 years down the road). I did do a bunch of DMX stuff too, but that’s for the cabinet, toe kick and behind molding lighting.
  10. Hello everyone! thanks for reading my post and lending me a hand on making a decision. My new home is currently under construction and during the Electrical tendering process I've selected the Crestron system; as time wore on I did more research and it seems that Crestron support is not as available as C4 based on where I'm at (Edmonton, Alberta) and hearing the Crestron is more geared nowadays for commercial applications. I've gotten a C4 system quoted and they're pretty much the same. However, I'm stuck on the lighting control aspect. I have two options, have my electricians do the lighting on conventional 110v fixtures and mate it with the C4 system OR kibosh all lighting (Reducing the electrical scope) and doing DMX lighting with Lumastream fixtures for a net premium of around 15 to 20k My question is, is it worth it to go DMX? or should I just stick with the conventional lighting and have it mated with the C4 system? Thank You KJ
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  12. Located in us or abroad? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  13. Doubt it. Dealer had multiple texts from other clients showing same issue (no control in app, website acts like you have no subscription, name, equipment, etc. and in about 30 minutes resolves itself). I don't believe in coincidences that 5-6 people all have firewall issues. Dealer said he feels C4 is doing some things that are causing this to happen.
  14. Sounds like maybe local firewall issues. Control4 has no issues on status website Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  15. No, it's C4 connectivity at it again... got it back working in about 25 min so we're looking at ~30 minutes of app being non-responsive and the C4 login spinning because it doesn't connect and even shows it doesn't have your information in your profile or devices. Once the C4 website starts working (e.g., shows your info) again, the app does in about 5 more minutes.
  16. Sounds like you need to reboot your controller Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  17. Now having issues with no one's app able to connect to a room. We had music playing and so that continues to play, but cannot control anything. And again, logging into Control4.com just spins. Definitely some intermittent issues happening these days.
  18. Good to know, thanks! Although how does it support Alexa if it's a closed system as lippavisual highlighted? Closed to C4 but not closed to Amazon? 🤔
  19. Prime day deals! Make me offers
  20. Cheers for the info. I had thought that so powered down all Zigbee remotes and also Zigbee to IR modules, reboote dthe rack but still seem to have problem after a while with connecting to C4 via the phone app.
  21. I don't think there is a dedicated mode for FireHD. I get around this by using an app that forces the screen to stay on and keeps the FireHD from going to sleep. Not sure how something like that would work in a theater room though where you probably don't want a bright screen on all the time.
  22. That’s fine Dawn. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. The show dock is just to provide a dock and charging station for the Fire HD. I wouldn’t necessarily be putting it into show mode but thanks. I’ll admit though, I have no experience with Fire HD tablets.
  24. Show mode as far as I know isn't configurable so you can't force it into the c4 app Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  25. Also, can you put the Fire HD into a "dedicate mode" so that it stays on the C4 app constantly (like IOS Guided Access)? I don't want to have to hunt for the OS3 app every time I turn it on, or accidentally send it to the home screen or another app, etc. Thanks.
  26. I am debating whether to pull the trigger on the Fire HD 8 with Show Dock for controlling my theater system. I have a wall mounted iPad mini in the kitchen that works great with OS3, and also use an SR-260 in the living room for our main TV watching. But what about for dedicated theater room? Right now I'm using either the SR260 or my iPhone, but would like something with larger screen and better feedback, like volume level, etc. Any thoughts on this? For theater use, we don't really watch much live TV so there is no channel surfing. It's just selecting sources and adjusting volume and lights. How would the Fire HD work for this? And with Prime Day today, you can get the Fire HD 8 with charging dock for $85 total - a lot less than a dedicated C4 touch screen! Thanks, Dino
  27. Moen U does support Alexa integration though.
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