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  2. Thank you so much. So what are my options in getting this unit repaired?
  3. That is not the correct power supply. The power supply was manufactured just for control4 and requires a minimum 500 unit purchase Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Mallom, will this ps work for a C4-16AMP-B 16 channel, 8 zone C4 amp? your help is much appriciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Yesterday
  6. Found it - Relay Garage Door Controller (OS 2.9+)...nice...thanks
  7. just get any basic gate and run 4 wires to it from a controller with an empty relay and contact on it. Cleanest and simplest option. should be a cheaper motor in general as you wont need wifi or any other special connectivity.
  8. I am looking for a small swing gate (pedestrian sized) operator that will integrate with Control4. Any experiences with such things? Drivers, install, etc. - anything appreciated. Looking at: https://www.niceforyou.com/en/videos-and-faq/swing-gates/walky or https://www.liftmaster.com/24vdc-residential-light-commercial-linear-actuator/p/LA500UL The LiftMaster works with MyQ, and I do understand the limitations of the third-party MyQ driver, but with 2 other garage doors already powered by MyQ, it is still a consideration.
  9. also make sure you are using the new experience button one as there are new options and HD graphics
  10. Matt your statement made me think the driver may have been messed up. Deleted and but another one in and rebound. Works!! Duh...sometimes the easiest solutions works the best. Thanks
  11. there is a driver. but due to the API limitations it can be slow to update status. the best is to get the driver for control. and use contact sensors for the door state. or if your crafty wire and extra controller into a relay for controller.
  12. the programming should be on the added driver. when door opens and when door closes should be really easy.
  13. MyQ garage door openers support what the current status is. What we need is a MyQ driver that works with Control4. I'm unaware that one exists.
  14. Icon changes correctly when garage door closes (as in it disappears). I can add a generic garage door sensor and bind the contact sensor to the same Elk zone and that correctly shows sensor state, but the programming is ugly. Was wondering if there was an easier way using the above driver.
  15. The contact sensors are updated via the ELK security panel. So the panel is not showing the correct information or the contact needs to be inverted. the first screen shot in the security panel i would check to see if the icon to the right changes when the door opens and closes. if it does not that means the panel is not setup correct or the sensor might have a dead battery.
  16. This is how the garage door is bound. Cannot program off the contact state, only the relay state PK
  17. Hard to say how its setup without looking in composer Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  18. My installer wired the two garage doors directly with relays over cat5 from the overhead doors to my EA5. SO I can open and close the garage doors via C4. But, we don't know if the doors are open or closed. I noticed that I have these which should be able to tell status but I think they are part of the security system (see pictures) which is also integrated into C4 (Elk M1 Gold). Any way to use the sensors to connect with C4 to be able to tell the system if the garage doors are open or closed and program off of it (eg. close doors if they are open at night).
  19. Yep. Send me an pm or text 832-791-2408
  20. Why does Control4 put the spec sheet behind a dealer login for the Cameras, but not most of the other products? Anyone care to post these 3 spec sheets? https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/cameras
  21. Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned this: I'm using the Luma 510 series 4-channel NVR for the DS2 as well as 2 510 series Bullet Cameras. Unfortunately, the Luma does not see the DS2-Mini as capable of motion detection, so that option is not available with the Luma interface. I was told this is just the way it is, but if they should work together, with proper configuration, then I'll certainly want to pursue that. But assuming for the moment that the NVR solution won't work, I'm stuck with the DS2's Web Interface, which at least theoretically should work.
  22. Think of having a stack of audio sources in an accessible area like turn-table, music streaming box, an IPod, etc. Add a Dante equipped audio switch and now you can send many audio channels over the network to a Dante receiver/DSP or other piece of equipment and have high res audio. This can be distributed any where over the network. Great for larger projects. Use this tech all the time in the commercial space. If C4 starts building with Dante in its controllers, audio switches and amps, there will be a lot less wiring required as streams could be sent directly from sources to the audio switchers/amps.
  23. if you want more diy option the DSC series panel with the IT 100 is a great value and reliable.
  24. there cameras and other products do not integrate at this time. So it just the security panel and its contacts and sensors. Get the pakedge cameras they are actually great quality for the money and will have full integration. For NVR there are many choices but lilin is a great safe product choice.
  25. Are you recording the DS2 stream? If so, what NVR solution are you using? i find the analytics in the NVr to be better at this.
  26. Thank you so much for your kind help. Got it fixed.
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