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  2. We also have older audio streamers based on LMS (like Fusion). They come with the full C4 driver suites. However, we don't maintain this anymore as most people just use the native services. But if you want one, I'm happy to sell them at a huge discount. We have both single stream (NBX022) and 8 stream (NBX100). Just msg me if you are interested.
  3. If you're a dealer there should be a local Channel SE that will help you get it up and running. I would call and ask who your TAM is and they will have an associated SE. A good attitude goes a long way with them. They like helping reseller that are going to learn from them and shield them from customer issues. If it's an actual issue you will need support and yes you have to pay. It does sound like the 610s are configured as zone flex and need to be flashed to unleashed. Did you get in to the cli? There is pretty solid documentation on the products... there are no crazy bugs to the point wher
  4. What do your guys’ NEEO remote screens look like with Apple TV? I’m getting a standard media player style screen interface with 3 screens - I was hoping for a bit more specific to Apple TV. Also, does anyone m ow if Neeo can do gestures like the iOS C4 app can?
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  6. Nobody, not even Control4, can disable TLS1.0/1.1 for the local connections for the current and past OS versions.
  7. If the dealer manages the network, yes, the dealer can create a vlan and isolate the Control4 system. If not, the dealer needs to work with whoever manages the network to isolate the system.
  8. Cyknight, You're right. The cyber team is growing and I don't like taking no as an answer, lol. I'm sure you likely know how persistent I am.
  9. That's not really fair - you're talking about completely different people/departments working on these things. C4 HAS been (pro)actively working to increase security and to comply with new standards on security and AFAIK have several dedicated people working on it full-time. Not to say that I disagree it should be high priority!
  10. Really? The remote that matches the matrix huh...
  11. Hmm, the extractor should be fine as such but....it the HDMI still fed out to something for on-screen? MANY hdmi audio extractors -including otherwise very good ones- do NOT like to operate without and HDMI output connected and ACTIVE. If you do have on-screen, have you tried to see if having it on a TV while playing the music makes a difference?
  12. Sure, they use the now open source code for it - but they have their own full custom build, that they develop and support - and Fusion Research has been around for over 15 years with these. Again, I'm no fan of Fusion, we rarely use them at all - but the arguments you're using aren't accurate.
  13. This (EZ Touch integration) is unlikely (personal view) as IntelliTouch and more recently IntelliCenter seems to be the way Pentair is heading in terms of linking to full home automation (eg C4)
  14. looking to buy one, new or used. don't want to spend a fortune, but will expect to pay what is fair let me know if you have one!
  15. I tried changing the power supply from PoE to 110V or USB and resetting the default with Reset and the other button, but could not solve. My last resurse is to flash the rom. It's possible? How to repair this T3 Panel?
  16. having briefly looked into the Fusion, it is based on the old logitech media code, which is no longer supported. I would prefer a device that is backed by a company that has been around for a long time and has invested in their own platform rather than rebranding an abandoned one. I used LMS in my own custom build years ago, and found it to work well, but it had it's share of bugs and oddities and is probably why it never made it to the mainstream
  17. To answer your question: The Pro models have a third radio for the mesh. Sounds like your 610 need a firmware flash to be on unleashed.
  18. Is the ruckus gear used? Every bit of used Wi-Fi kit I have ever purchased has turned out to be a POS. I have eeros in a small non-C4 rental house. They are not very performant, but never go down.
  19. I mean if you have to pay for support, clearly you should ditch it. I have a data center full of cisco. Gotta pay smart net...must be junk
  20. Lutron Caseta Pico's make nice audio remotes as well. Not sure of your actual situation. Using a Lutron Pro Hub on the network, and then wireless remotes, that all gets programed into Control4. Volume control, on/off, preset recalls. And then have wall mount options. All wireless.
  21. 100%. We all know I am not a Rukus guy but Eero is consumer grade networking at best and that's usually the beginning of peoples problems. Eero Pro is just for their newest Tri-Band. If i remember correctly Eero also caps their mesh transfer speeds I think somewhere in the 300mbs but I would research that. Unifi Mesh or Orbi Pro are both very capable and fully configurable.
  22. Talk about going from a Rolls Royce to a Toyota.
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