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  2. It is still interesting to see the code. I really wish all of these types of devices would have a simple, open API like the Roku API where you can do something like in a web browser and get a list of inputs and installed channels.
  3. Not by default, but possibly yes. That said, that doesn't mean you can reverse engineer a new driver - or that it would give you any more valuable info other than the key. One assumes the commands sent etc in and of themselves are basic code - it's how the Shield handles it that matters, and once the key gets changed, non of it matters anyway.
  4. Been ages since I installed a Sonos speaker or Amp (as in not Connect feeding RCA), but not having a slider will certainly be a driver not having discrete volume setting (which may well be a limitation of the API Sonos has).
  5. An earlier post says that Nvidia forget to encrypt the driver. Does that mean you can see all of the Lua source code in the driver?
  6. Not necessarily. The DRIVER would be the least of the concern , merely put a new key in. With the key exposed, it's likely they'll (want to) bring out a firmware update pretty quick too. So it could be a matter of a week or so. That is of course assuming that was the issue - not saying it isn't true, just mean to say I've only seen that piece of info on here, from you.
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  8. I doubt they'd even know, as this would be the engineers dealing with it.
  9. Hack, and yes, the 'current' driver would stop working if the key gets changed
  10. Well, FWIW, I've pinged Nvidia Shield support and asked them when they expect to have the driver available again. Have yet to hear back.
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  12. What could people do with it with an exposed key? Will the driver stop working for people that installed it before it was pulled? When re-released, will it require a driver update or will a new driver have to be inserted from scratch? ] I am just a user, not a programmer
  13. Hello, Recently installed C4 in my house. I have a Sonos ARC in my master bedroom which integrates nicely into the system. One issue is that the Volume control for the Master Bedroom (ie Sonos ARC) is a simple plus/minus GUI vs a volume slider in all the other rooms. My installer told me that I could not change that because of the Sonos Driver. Has anyone had experience with this?
  14. It's a Spectrum 110-A. I'm well used to creating drivers by editing via IR capture, but just thought that I would ask here first to save time.
  15. I might have one. What is the name and model number? Also if you can't find a driver you can make one if you have the remote that comes with it. I just did that for a spectrum colervision box. It was from 2017 but I used the create a driver in composer and the original remote. The ea1,3 and 5 have built in ir capture devices. In composer you create a driver and each command you point the remote at the ea and it will record the code. It take a little time to do it but it has saved my ass a couple of times when I could not find a driver
  16. Does anyone have a driver already built for this box ? I don't see one in the database. Either an IR driver that someone has programmed, or an alternative driver that works from the database. I believe that these are ARRIS boxes. Thanks.
  17. Markus

    Thanky for answer me. Maybe you have some driver to send me via email or i have to buy them on the store?! thanks

  18. https://www.alarmgrid.com/ is also very good for DIY, both they and Alarmsystemstore will preprogram the whole system for you in advance for a small fee. You then just install and pug it together. What you don't get is onsite testing and walkthroughs to QC it all. Note that with the Neo system there are limitations on what you get in your navigators for alerts and feedback. For example you can get notified of alarm events, but you cannot see what zone was triggered in the notification. You also cannot bypass specific zones when arming, etc... Its very stable and reliable though once
  19. Thanks! Hopefully mine arrives at my dealer soon.
  20. Thank you! And just want to say thanks so much for making this driver. Are these appids the same across WebOS tvs. Example on my 86" I have YouTube kids and on my kids LGs would be great to Crest one mini driver and use it for all TVs. That option of the backup name would be fantastic
  21. If they update the application ID you would need to update the mini driver as well. It's been v4 since I created the WebOS driver a few years ago though. For both the base youtube mini driver as well as the kids one. I've been thinking about changing the functionality to work against app names as a fall back as the TV Guide application ID actually changed in WebOS 4.X.
  22. When I have a minute I'll add support for it.
  23. Architecturally, the Control4 Neeo remote does not connect to the TV. It connects to the Control4 controller, which then issues commands for the TV. I bring this up because if you're having control issues that are Neeo-specific (control of the TV is working fine with the Control4 app and other remotes), it's most likely a wifi networking issue, since the Neeo uses wifi to connect to the Control4 system. RyanE
  24. Using my Control 4 System and getting a Network Error when trying to connect to my TV using a NEEO remote. I can connect to the TV using the Control 4 App on my phone and also using a different remote that is not a NEEO. When it does connect it is slow and intermittent almost like it is buffering. I unplugged the system with no success. Any help would be appreciated
  25. That’s what I did at my beach house and it is definitely brilliant... Not practical to retrofit at my main home (hence blinds and curtains - which is 99% effective but still not the same).
  26. Revoking it will probably require an update the shield as well. It will probably be a while.
  27. Nice - probably will revoke it and that's why the driver wasn't just encrypted and republished right away.
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