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  2. Actually it has two inputs, or at least he configured it that way - one for analog and one for digital (despite having two digital inputs), so could that be what he was referring to?
  3. He's talking about connecting a matrix switch to a matrix switch, which is not a good idea. The whole point and limitation you're seeing is that the Triad One is NOT a switching device, it only has 1 input. This solution would be as good as the zone 2 control on the AVR is (which can be spotty, but works great with some drivers).
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  5. I had an issue with this in the last week or two and it ended up being the VoiceRSS API key expired/no longer was working. I just went to their site, re-signed up and put in the new key they gave me in the driver properties and my announcements were back. Given the timing, you may have had the same issue.
  6. About the same, even though now I would have to sell the Triad stuff. Its difficult because you are the only real VS user on here so can't get more opinions on it. My dealer is telling me that he guarantees I will have better sound quality with the Triads, and he says its even more important with ceiling speakers. But, he did say that the quality may not be as big of a difference of the speakers are low end. I already bought them so he isn't trying to sell me on them. If there will be no difference whatsoever with the functionality, and only has to do with a few extra wires, then I dont really care and would just keep the Triads. I think they would be pretty easy to sell though if I switched to the VS 38x38. I guess one major selling point was that the Triad outputs can be summed into a single output to go to a subwoofer amplifier. I called VS on this and the guy seemed a little unsure but thought the VS could do that too
  7. how much do the 2 Triad matrixes cost vs the 1 VS matrix? I am fairly confident no one will hear a qualitative audio difference. Again I had both matrix in my set up (went to VS for better audio delay because I have Netplay) and there has been zero audio difference. I have 1 serious listening space and ~8 non critical spaces.
  8. To add, the dealer tells me the dual Triad matrixes will be fine and he uses them in many setups. The biggest issue being the Y cable splitters.
  9. You will need to test your announcements to figure out which service is the one with the problematic key. Once you figure that out you can goto that services website to login to your account to figure out the problem. Otherwise you may need to sign up for a new key.
  10. Ok, thanks for the replies. For more information, 24 zones will be interior overhead ceiling speakers for the house and garage. Two zones will be for front landscape speakers and rear landscape speakers. The remaining 6 zones will be for interior and exterior subwoofers. When I was deciding what to buy, I was told there would be no sound deteriation with y splitting on the Triads and that the sound quality on them was superior, so I decided to go that route. But if there are odd things C4 does with double matrix, I dont want that either. Here is my question, if for instance I play a song in the kitchen (kitchen is part of the 24x24 switch) with an online music source, then I decide to go outside and want to add the patio speakers (part of the 8x8 switch). Can I just add the zone like normal and it will begin playing at the exact same point in the song as the kitchen and they will play together without delay?
  11. Before getting C4, I was already pretty deep in the sonos ecosystem in the rest of the house, so I want to be able to play what's on sonos also in the basement where I just setup C4.
  12. Curious what is the point of even having a Sonos Connect when you have a T1. Control4's music streaming services are great now. Except for really niche streaming services Control4 pretty much has it all. With Shairbridge and perhaps a Chromecast you would be able to stream anything from any service off pretty much any type of smartphone. At my own house I have uninstalled my SONOS Connect Amp and moved entirely to C4 streaming services and it has been great. Why not just a CONNECT AMP if your that adamant about SONOS?
  13. We plan to do 3 DSC so they are wired into the alarm panel. Problem is those are Smoke/Heat only. For CO you need something else so in bedrooms we are doing Nest Protects.
  14. I think the right sized version of their cable is a decent option.
  15. Thank you if you dont mind just need some clarification. is this all source specific? Out of the six sources I have connected not one is sending audio via the audio out. I have set on the source to be variable sound instead of fixed but not sure what audio its sending. Is there a way to check if its sending audio or if its erroring out with the advanced logs? Is ther any soecific settings i need to set in composer other than binding the audio output to the input of the receiver (which is connected to the speakers?) I have a set box (cable tv), nvidia shield, apple tv 4k and the hdmi out of the EA5 currently as sources in the Matrix and not one of them work. I would even be happy just to be able to stream spotify or my internet stations to the in ceiling speakers but now i am bot aure what source to use .... as i dont know what is going to be able to strip from hdmi to stero
  16. Another great idea, I thought of something similar and talked with my dealer about it. Right now the Integra is connected digitally to the Sonos Connect and he suspected that there would be audio sync issues if the same sonos connect was simultaneously sending a digital signal to to the integra and an analog signal to the triad. But I suppose, if there's a free Integra analog input, we could split the analog signal from the sonos connect to go to both the triad and the integra? Side note, didn't know there are IR controlled audio switches, cool! Got a link to one you've had success with in the past?
  17. I've seen alot of mention of this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MDQ5JOC/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_4?smid=A1W38LIN57HDN1&psc=1 Is this the a good option? I am trying to future proof.
  18. Not that I have seen. As far as the device goes it isn't in C4 in any way. No drivers. No 2way communication. The ecobee app lets you program the motion for light on natively but you can't really trigger an event based off motion sensing. That would be a great feature if they ever come out with an ecobee driver.
  19. can you use the motion sensor for anything in c4?
  20. I kind of don't blame them. It's not something I would necessarily want to support as a dealer either. Doesn't mean it wouldn't work though.
  21. Good idea. I had the same thought and posed it, dealer said it's a no go, something about chaining them together wouldn't work or isn't supported.
  22. You can pull audio out of the HDMI with either the "regular" or the downmixing version of that matrix. the difference is the downmixing version can take a source sending multi-channel audio and pull the audio out, while the regular matrix can only handle a 2 channel source coming in. I've seen sources that can't send 2 channel audio via HDMI so that becomes an issue unless you have the downmixing switch.
  23. Is all of this gear in the same location? I feel like you could figure something out where the integra does the switching and you feed zone2 pre out to the triad one. Might become complicated audio paths for Control4 to switch reliably but may be worth a look.
  24. In planning out my system, my dealer and I ran into a limitation with the Triad One I'm looking for some workaround suggestions. There was an incorrect assumption that since the Triad One has two digital audio inputs (S/PDIF or digital coax input), that both could be used for separate digital input sources. This turned out to be wrong and not really discovered until everything was installed and setup. The Triad digital inputs are "either or" not "both". I have three audio sources I'd like to get into this Triad: 1) Sonos Connect 2) An analog compressor for use with live music and 3) A DirecTV set top box. Right now, the Sonos Connect sends its signal to two destinations, an Integra DRX 4.2 AND the Triad One. Once we discovered this limitation, my dealer gave me the choice of either 1) no sonos in the zone that the triad powers but I would get direcTV audio through the speakers, or 2) Use the TV's speakers for the directv audio signal, and connect the sonos into the triad. This was a tough choice. Do I have any other options? Anything creative I can come up with to make this work? Thanks
  25. The other idea is to purchase used HC-300s on fleabay and harvest the power supplies, but who knows how long those will last either.
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