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How To Install IR Driver


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Hey Everyone,

To Install an IR Driver, download the file from here. Then put it in C:\Program Files\Control4\Composer\Drivers\virtual. After this you must restart Composer for the Driver to be active if it was loaded at the time you copied the file to the directory.


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I don't have to restart Composer when adding a driver to the virtual directory with Composer running. I add the file then go to Manage Drivers or even Edit drivers and it's there. I'm gonna have to check that again but dang I think that's working for me.

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hi there, I hope you can help me,

I moddiffied an existing driver, and uploaded, added to my system.

the IR signal is there when I click on any function (play, pause, power, etc) but seems like the codes on the IR driver is not working.

am I missing a step after modiffing the driver?

thank you.

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