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Tap sequences for resetting switches/dimmers/keypads to defaults


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Does anyone remember these sequences? I know there are 3 sets of tap sequences to reset switches, dimmers, and keypads. Also, I don't remember what each sequence does. If someone could remind me of the taps (it was something like up 5, down 5, up 5), and what each does, that would be cool. I remember they were cautiously given out during C4 training, and I don't remember where I put the paper when they're located.

*Caution* When they are posted, please use them only as a last resort!


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Here are some others.

Up 7, Down 4, Up 7 - The amount of Blinks will show the Zigbee Channel

Up 10, Down 10, Up 10 - Software Version

Up 15, Down 15, Up 15 - Reboot

The bottom two I'm not 100% sure of but I think they are right :P


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