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Any way to program custom buttons based on the room they are pressed


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I am looking for a shortcut in setting up custom buttons as radio/music/etc presets good anywhere in the house. I would like to press a button and have the room tune to the right source and tune the right channel. I know how to do this room by room using the select media option that is in programing section of each room, but that would require me to create the same set of presets for each room, and then go back and change every room every time we changed our mind on our top 6 or 12 stations (still deciding if we are going to use 1 or 2 sets of presets for this) I am really crossing my fingers there is some way to setup whole house custom buttons and program them to do something based on the current room. I have composer HE, maybe this is something that requires the pro version which is why I can not figure it out? At this point I can not even figure out a way to tell what the current room is.

Thanks for any help.


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