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Card Access InHome™ Doorbell/Phone System


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thats nice but a bit expensive

The sensors are available from Sharthome and are easy to wire into a contact on the MC or HTC and the cost of the sensors is like $30 for 2 of them.

This is what I did and it works great, I have the sconces flash when the doorbell rings and I have a media cabinet light flash if the phone rings

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I agree this is useful and long past due, however $330.00 for the Card Access InHome™ Doorbell/Phone System seems a bit expensive.

Here is a break down of purchasing the parts separately (at retail)

ELK-930 45.99 (Amazon.com, could probably get it cheaper)

InHome Wireless Contact Switch ($119.00 X 2) 238.00

Transformer (12 volt) 46.68 (Note: InHome sells this exact model for $14.95 and a 3 pack for $39.95)


Total 330.67

I can purchase individual parts at retail at a lower price assuming I don't need the transformer. If I only need to sense one doorbell and one phone I would only need one Wireless Contact Switch (since it has 2 dry contacts). If I have an unused contact switch on my HTC/MCT I can do this for under $50.00 in hardware costs.

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Question: Why the built in magnetic reed switch? Why not just three dry contact switches? I can buy a magnetic reed switch for under $5.00. The Wireless Contact Switch would be even more versatile if it had 3 dry contacts instead of 2 dry contacts and a magnetic reed switch. I just don't see a lot of uses for the built-in reed switch.

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