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IP camera external access


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Question about setting up IP camera external access. I'm concerned about opening up port 80 for web access to my proposed video DVR/server. I know that I would have to login using username and password but by opening up port 80, I'll essentially exposing the rest of my network to the internet.

I have a netgear prosafe router and netgear 7224 POE 24 port switch which would allow me to set up a VLAN for the IP POE camera network. Can I open up port 80 specifically only for the IP camera VLAN? If I was using computers on my network (INTRAnet) to access to video management software, how would I tie in access to the VLAN but again leaving the rest of my network protected?


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A) opening port 80 to your DVR would only expose the DVR unless that was compromised and then could expose the rest of your network...

B) VPN is the best way to go, lowest risk.

C) VLans are possible, but won't secure it anymore, just move traffic off of one lan to another. To see each VLan will require the approriate routes, therefore not making it any safer.

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I have the prosafe router which allows VPN but I can't figure out if the exacq DVR can use it. I know I can set up SSL but that means buying a private certificate and managing it. I need the excaq app to monitor from a blackberry.

Could I login into a VPN from my BB and then use the excaq app as if I'm connected from my home network?I guess I don't fully understand how the VPN would work. Can I only log into a VPN from another wireless lan or can I use it over a 3G mobile network? I'm only on a BIS network so I'm not even sure if I can use VPN with my BB 9780

I would this KB article explaining how to set up a VPN with my router http://kb.netgear.com/ci/fattach/get/24/1238600539/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xMzQwODg5MTY0L3NpZC95SDhrcE9faw==/filename/Client-Box%20VPN%20guide.pdf

If it's that easy then I can set up the VPN. I just don't want to spend $$$ on my IP camera system and not have it secured.

Thanks again

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