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small touchscreen remote and icon


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number one wish is a small/medium sized touchscreen remote control. this would be the one and only cue to take from Crestron or AMX, because it seems the *right* size for the user. The big C4 touchscreen in too big and the small remote is cool but limited. The current touchscreens are cool, but would need a slimmer design to work as a remote. i must stress that this remote would only be useful if it had a GREAT battery (think Saphion!) that would last hours off the cradle.

also, the ability to create your own 'look & feel' for the interface should happen at the same. i'm not the biggest fan of the C4 on-screen menu, but if the interface could be on a cool looking touchscreen remote, it'd be great for the end-user. clean and simple.

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