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Middle Atlantic IEC C7 Power Cord


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Looking to see if anyone has some 18" or 24" Middle Atlantic DVR/Cable/Satellite Box IEC Signal Safe Power Cords? I really dislike the 6' power cords for my three sonos players as well as for my cable box and a few other items in the rack. The problem is that they are only sold in boxes of 20, which is more then I need.

If no one currently has some but you think you might need or want a few yourself maybe we could do a sort of group buy to reduce the overall cost to any single person while all getting what we need/want.


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So still looking for some if these, in either 24" or 36" length. The issue is they come in 20 packs and I need a whole 4, maybe 5, of these and they run about $160 for the 20.

I'd like to find someone or several people who may also need these to clean up their racks with shorter cords. The 6' ones that come standard with sonos and cable boxes are driving me crazy.

Obviously if another dealer has some they would sell me for my personal rack that would be great as well. Id order the 20 and use the rest on jobs but we don't have any rack builds going on right now.


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