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FS Whole House Worth of C4 and Other Components


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I am moving and the new buyers have made it clear they don't want any of my C4 items or components. Their loss is your gain.

I have pictures of all items (PM me with your email and I will send them). All items are used but in good/great condition and were installed in early 2008, I will do my best to describe them.

Control4 Dimmers/switches/keypads (All are almond)

(1) 6 button KPZ-6B1 $75 SOLD

(3) Wireless Switch LSZ-101 $65SOLD

(5) Wireless Dimmer LDZ-101-X $75SOLD

(7) Wireless Dimmer LDZ-101 (6 Dimmers and 1 Dimmer with spacer and screwless faceplate) $75SOLD

(7) 2 Button Keypads LSZ-3W1 (6 Keypads and 1 Keypad with spacer and screwless faceplate) $70 SOLD

Control 4 Components

(1) Multi Tuner AVM-TUN1-B Without XM Card (With Rack Ears) $75 SOLD

(1) Media Controller AVM-MC1B (Powers on and works well) (With Rack Ears) $100 SOLD

(1) 16 Channel Amp AVM-16A2-B (With Rack Ears) $550 SOLD

(1) Control4 10.5 Inch Touch Screen with Charging Cradle (Battery doesn't take a charge) $80 SOLD

(1) Remote Control RCZ-SRC1-B (LED has started to fail, please email me for a picture) $30 Included in sale of Media Controller

Other Components

(1) Sony CX777ES 400 disc CD/DVD player in silver (Missing Remote) $250SOLD

(1) Knox RS4X4HB Video / Audio Routing Switcher with both components and power supplies, also included are a variety of cables (email me for details) $375

(1) Onkyo Receiver HT-R520 (Missing Remote) $60

(1) Elan Door Bell with Camera in Stainless Steel $200 SOLD

(1) Panamax MB1000 UPS and Surge protector (Missing Rack Ears) $250SOLD


(8) OnQ/Legrand evoQ 3000, 6.5" In-Ceiling Dual Voice Coil Speaker $60 SOLD

(3) Sonace Ellipse 1.0 LCR (Painted Gray, email for a pic) $60 (Take all 5 for $250)

(2) Sonace Ellipse SUR (Painted Gray, email for pic) $60

(1) Onkyo Sub SKW-520 $50

I also have a Middle Atlantic server rack for sale that is about 24U, I will take measurements and update this ad.

Buyer pays shipping in addition to prices above, I will charge you exactly what I am charged the Post or UPS. I will make deals for larger purchases.

PM me with any questions...

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Check and the 10.5 inch touch screen is V1. The cradle power light goes on and the orange charging lit will go on for a moment and then go out, but it doesn't turn on because the battery is dead. It worked until it was taken out of service about 6 months ago. I can send pictures of it, please PM me.

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FYI your RCZ-SRC1-B for $30 almost broken will only sell to a fool.

the RCZ-SRC2-B much improved over SRC1 sells for $20-$25 all day long sometimes $15 on ebay. I've seen several new or almost new SRC2 sell for $25-$30. Just throw away that SRC1 or give it away with something else for free.

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