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Differences between switches/dimmers/keypads


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I am looking to purchase a few more switches/dimmers/two-button keypads but I don't understand the differences.

What are the differences between two button keypads and switches?

A dimmer is a switch that can dim a light correct?

I also see different models on dimmers and switches what are the differences?

What is the difference between a LDZ-101 and a LDZ-101-X?

Thank you for helping me understand.

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a keypad and a dimmer switch look very similar, but a keypad does not switch an electric load to a light.

i.e you can replace normal light switches in your house with dimmers.

you can place a keypad anywhere that you have power, (it does not have to be hardwired to a light or anything.

i'm not sure how better to explain it other then a keypad has no hardware functionality, it basically is just an interface for you to add programming to.

where is a dimmer switch controls how much power is sent to the light fixture (hence dimming)

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Switch is on/off.

Dimmer dims

2-button keypad does not (physically)control a load. It's a programmable piece that can be made to do anything but MAINLY is intended for either replacing existing muliple switches (as a switch or dimmer can only be added in ONE of these locations - all other must be disable or replaced by these or the 3/6 button) or to ADD a new location where there is none.

The different model nrs are just updated versions, starting with ldz 101, now C4DIM. No mayor differences, biggest would be that the oldest verions cannot use face-plate colorchange kits and (somewhat) improved ZigBee over the models.

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