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Creating a scene using Rhapsody/particular TV channel?


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Guys - I am trying to create a scene whereby certain lights, as well as a particular Rhapsody channel come on in certain rooms. Do you know if it is possible to program in CHE to this level of granularity?

The reason I ask is that I don't see anything in HE that allows me to pick a particular channel/song/artist, ect in Rhapsody. Also - I don't see any capability of picking a particlar television channel either (I have video distibution as well).

I thought this abaility would maybe be under "Media Scene" agent, but this only seems to allow me to turn on volume in a particular room(s) - but doesn't allow me to pick a particular source.

Let me know if I'm trying to do something beyond C4's scope - or if I'm just missing something in the programming, or need to have something Dealer enabled.


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You can - just not directly through scenes.

If you want the combined vollume control etc use a scene for that.

To select a specific channel etc, go to a room on the right-hand side under programming and you'll see the option "select media". They're all in there (for TV channels, am/fm etc, you'll have to manually add them under media first).

Whether you trigger that selection off of a button, media scene activating etc is up to you.

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