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Heatmiser UH1 - Serial - v 7.0.0


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thinking of building a new house,

heated floor is one of the items which I'd like to control via HC-800.

After browsing the web I found only one thermostat which can be cotroled by Control for with EV driver

I'm I understand right:

1. I make to different zones with heated matts

2. I connect both of them to Heatmiser UH1 (http://www.heatmiser.co.uk/web/index.php/underfloor-heating-controls/underfloor-heating-wiring-centres)

3. I buy RS 485 to RS 232 converter

4. Connect the Heatmiser UH1 to HC-800 via that converter.

5. And finally I can control both zones via HC-800. I don't want to connect any thermostats to Heatmiser UH1, I'd like to control everything only with help of HC-800

I'm I right?

Does anybody have the same system?

regards, Anton

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