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Triple conference room setup question (New Receivers with Control4?)


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Looking into setting up a Conference room with 3 whiteboard/projector screens. We need the ability to use as one large conference room OR 3 smaller conference rooms.

I have been looking at Control4's suggestion on how to lay this out (Light Commercial System Design Guide For boardrooms PDF)

Seems like this was written before the new Receivers with Control4 built-in were introduced (like the Sony STR-DA5800ES with Full Control4 Automation).

My question:

What would be the best way to go about this in your opinion?

forego a hc-250 for each projector and use one of the Amps with built in control4 instead (for each projector?)?

Thanks a ton for reading, any input is welcomed!!


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Do you need sound? or just Video projected...

3 HC 250s

3 portable touchscreens, ipads, iphones, hr250s to control the screens

Need to deal with source input. Most likely a PC / VGA input?

Will need a VGA to HDMI adapter and an HDMI matrix switch, 4x4 should get you by...

Each output goes to each projector with a spare for a rack monitor or whatever

Then you get 4 inputs, one VGA to HDMI, one for a rack mounted computer and one for wireless HDMI and a dongle for laptops, one for an appleTV for those with macs and/or IOS devices who can just to video mirroring...

If you need sound, then have to work that out, speakers and all... But if sound is needed, you could swap out the HC 250s for 2800es's from sony, or just go with cheaper receivers to go in between the projector and HDMI switch.

Hope that helps...

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