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Does anybody have the EV AppleTV Mk1 driver manual?


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It's like taking candy from a baby..

There was a time when all was well and things just worked...


The frustration is starting to boil over.....

Well I'm left struggling to work out what is wrong. With no manual, no guides on the EV web site. No friggen clue what to do, what else am I to do than turn to you guy's for help :)

Does EV really understand how frustrating it can get without manuals?

I paid for this driver I might add. (like every other EV driver,... and they aren't cheap..). so why am I not entitled to the manuals? Why doesn't EV release them?

This is well within the realms of ComposerHE and media edition..

So can EV *please* help a bloke here and give those who paid for these drivers some manuals

Is that too much to ask?


Cheers. :)

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