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Hi all:

We are putting a C4 system into a new home, and have two quite different proposals from two suppliers.

We have an open main floor with 2 televisions, with no need for them to be able to be showing different content. They will use their built-in speakers and/or a sound bar. With regard to video and audio, our primary source is downloaded content, currently on a networked PC.

Third television downstairs, 5.1 speakers, and able to play different content than those on main floor. Sources for all three to be cable, blu-ray, NAS. Two pair of ceiling speakers on main floor.

C4 integration with security system, doors, window blinds, heating/cooling etc., and future expansion for another television in master bedroom on main floor, separate from the other televisions.

One installer wants to put in a C4 HC800 controller, C4-8AMP1-B, and an Atlona PROHD44M switch.

The other wants to put the main floor televisions on a C4 250 controller, and the downstairs television and the rest of the system on a C4 HC800. They would use Sonos equipment for sound. Under this proposal I believe that they want us to pretty much have two sets of everything, for connection to the two controllers.

Does anyone have an opinion about which of these will best do what we want?

Thanks very much.

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Not enough info.

Is there lighting devices or ZigBee extenders - makes a big difference on judging controller requirements.

Do you want on-screen navigator control.

Are you doing distributed audio and what are your expectations for listening to it.

Are you doing local sources or centralized rack. One quote seems geared to one option, the second to the other.

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There are lighting devices, garage kit, security system interface, wireless door lock

We do want on-screen navigator

We are doing distributed audio - thinking of including a boxee, currently on a windows home server and a media PC, listening by way of ceiling speakers in kitchen, wall speakers in living room (main floor is "open concept", 5.1 speakers downstairs.

For audio and video, need to be able to play two files simultaneously from the server, boxee, or PC

We would prefer that all equipment be on one rack

Hope this answers your questions. Thanks.

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Then the first quote seems to be more geared for that set-up. That said the second has a bit more proccessing power, ensures better ZigBee coverage and would give some more IRs.

The only thing I'm uncertain of on that first is number of control ports (but again there may be i/o extenders in the quote) and zigbee range - not knowing how well divided the lights are.

Biggest thing missing in second quote is no video switch, so would be geared to local source.

Make sure to communicate how many things you want to be able to listen and watch at the same time - so that there are two media players (of whatever type) in the system for movies, enough audio outputs etc.

Please note that this basic advise only and based on limited info - I don't know al the details so can't really say which one to go with.

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Thanks very much for your input.

There are no i/o extenders in the quote. The house is a bungalow, 1500 sq. ft. on the main floor (where there are two televisions acting as one, and two pair of audio speakers, and then there is a developed basement where the other television and 5.1 equipment is going to be situated.

There will be 5 automated blinds on main floor and 1 downstairs, as well as some lights on both floors.

There would only ever be two media files being used at any one time, as there are just two of us in the house.

The atlona switch is going to cost $3,400.00. The system installer will only use this particular switch, and will not install a switch if I purchased it myself (Apparently the Key Digital KD-HDMSW 4 X 4 is a less costly alternative @ $1700.00).

Thus the second proposal , where it would be less expensive to add the second controller, PVR, blu-ray, and boxee than to stay with the Atlona product. I do not understand all of this well enough to know if there are any sacrifices by not having any video switch?

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