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What does it take/cost to become legit control4 dealer or integrator


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I am considering whether or not to buy ComposerHE or not but would like some advice on whether it is really worth it or not? I am a quadriplegic and big supporter of Control4 and other home automation and adaptive devices for obvious reasons! Besides all of this I am a software engineer and have thought seriously about becoming a certified Control4 Dealer or Integrator just so I could legally have a copy of the composer Pro for my own programming purposes.

Anyway here are my questions. Where is the best place for me to find exactly what ComposerHE will allow me to tweak and change. I am not looking to be cheap ad save money to add money to my system becauseI have already paid a certified installer to come out and add every device you can imagine that would help someone with no motor movement below the shoulder’s.

What I would like to be able to do is program my system the way I want and when I want that suites my Ned's from a prospective that not integrator Control4 programmer has never dealt with before. I am positive that I could also develop apps that could be posted in the Control4 App Store with access to Composer Pro. So do I have to become a certified dealer or just integrator, and what will it cost. Also will the ComposerHE give me anything wort while at all which I highly doubt. I completely understand going through proper channels and paying for software because I hate Internet piracy more then anyone because my projects have been stolen too!

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Depends on your market, at least from what I've gathered. A market with heavy coverage is going to be more difficult to get a dealership in then one with little coverage. I've heard all different levels of commitments for equipment purchase levels.

Interesting article the other day though that had C4 ranked as 4th in the luxury home market, which is in contrast to a report at the start of the year that had them as second I believe.

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Without a showroom and some past history of selling other CI (Custom Install) products, it's unlikely you'd be able to obtain a Control4 dealership. Most markets already have good coverage of Control4 dealers, and reps are only typically looking to bring on new dealers where they won't oversaturate existing dealers.

As far as ComposerHE vs. ComposerPro, there are only a few things that you can't do with HE that you can do with Pro, from a homeowner's perspective:

1) You can't add, delete, move, or rename devices (drivers) within the project

2) You can't do loops in Composer programming (not that big a deal, with timers, etc.)

3) You can't add or delete bindings (connections) between drivers, which includes network bindings (IP addresses, etc.)

Because of the first and third restriction, it's not really possible to develop drivers for 3rd-party gear without ComposerPro, either.


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