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It is a primary task of any computer program

Of using any piece of software or system

If you were to sit down and design a library from scratch... *Any* library. Even an old fashioned book one with a card catalogue, you wouldn't even dream of opening up without a plan of "search"...

So could someone please explain why we still have no media search?

Is this a fundamental flaw in the software that underlines Control4? Something that will never be achieved by software engineers? Something that simply can't ever be done?

Or is this Control4 not paying attention to an obvious no brainer request?

Or are there actually not enough resources to make it happen?

Just what is the real reason why we still have no search?

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There is search under Rhapsody.

There's no underlying reason, as far as I know. The media database is just that, a database.

There is a 'quick jump' that on most lists helps out quite a bit, but I agree, a search feature is lacking in a lot of places.

I know there's a refresh planned for the Watch and Listen functionality, but obviously I'm not announcing or saying when it's expected.


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Thanks for the reply Ryan.

You hit the nail on the head when you said " A search facility is lacking in a lot of places"

I mean surely the software team (I assume there is actually one :) ) would have this as a top priority ?..Because it is no good left the way it is..

They would have all these third party apps running within composer and navigator in a lab somewhere right?..and have a team working on "how we improve search right across the whole navigator platform.."

Please tell me this is actually going on..right? :)

As more third party app's get added which layer in Navigator, and more and more folk want to use navigator on TS..or phones...even a computer (with keyboard), then obviously a search feature needs to be built into navigator..

Then tested with all the apps and drivers..

Because like you say, the underlying software..be it Sonos/Rhadpsody/itunes/MyMovies?/whatever has search, but when you layer on navigator it's gone..

The software engineers themselves could actual make a start with the Control4 media library itself.

I mean anything would be helpful :)

Even if it is to show end users this is a priority.

Thanks for listening.


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