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Stringing 2-3 Autonomic Mirages together


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When a home site has a couple of these players/servers together, how does the zone/room setup work within the Autonomic GUI and then with the EV driver within navigator?

Do you operate and see all the audio zones independently and separately? Add and drop them and party mode? Does the driver mirror this 2way like the Sonos one?



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Each output from each server appears as a unique source. There's no way to gang outputs of the MMS together in Control4 (I don't know if this is possible in the MMS directly, but it's not in the driver and it's unlikely to be added), so if you want to zone them, each output needs to be connected to a matrix switch that's in the audio path for each zone that you want to zone together.

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^ Thanks for the reply Will.

Just for the record, the reason I am asking all this on this forum, is as far as I know I am unable to take a look at this product myself over here, as no local dealers handle it...

Anyway, I'm not sure I fully understand you.

Lets' start with the one player. And your driver.

Can you walk me thru it. So those audio output's on the mms.5? If you connect each individual one up to a separate amp. You would have 5 streams of Audio which could be put into 5 rooms (or Zones). Is that right?

Now in the mms GUI..you can then label these 5 outputs therefore rooms (zones) individually right? Like the equivalent of say running 5 ZP90's into 5 amps...

And you can then send 5 separate independent streams of audio to each of those outputs..and swap and control each stream in the GUI...right?

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