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Key Digital video baluns availability


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Hi all,

I am looking for someone who will sell 2 Key Digital baluns to allow me to hook up a new tv location to my digital video switching system

The video/audio is sent via Cat5 ethernet cable throughout the home. The location is pre-wired. However, I need the baluns at both ends to convert to component video + audio (coming out of the switch, and going into the tv)

The units already installed for other tvs are KeyDigital ProConnect PCBKDCOVSAB

Key digital site indicates these are no longer current products. My best info is that the current equivalent may be KD-CATRCASA. If anyone can say for sure, that would be a help too.

Key Digital had tried to put me in touch with a dealer, but that contact is apparently no longer in the business. I have had a hard time, for some reason ;), finding a source.

Any help appreciated.

I'd be willing to take the older identical equipment, even used, if someone has it.


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Hi, I have a pair of KD-CAT5XRCA baluns. My dealer installed them new and I used them for about 6 months after which I switched to an HDMI matrix switch. Let me know if you are interested, or if any one else is. Picture attached. $75 for the pair with priority shipping within USA is reasonable, I think.


Not sure how attachments work. Use this instead: 2n9iz3d.jpg

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