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Last few components are matrix and media player!!! Looking for opinion


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Down to the last two components before programming and I need to make a decision on which matrix and media player to go with. Looking into the future, it seems 4K, 2K and 3D are some of the formats I would like to implement. This matrix http://www.smarthome.com/97670/Vanco-280709-8x8-HDMI-Matrix-with-IR-and-RS232-and-Cat5-Balun-Extender-Output/p.aspx seems to do it all. Just have not been able to find the video res #'s . Does anyone have knowledge of these units, if they are capable of the 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160 resolutions?

The only media player I have seen claiming to be able to play these resolutions are this unit http://www.red.com/products/red-ray One question besides cost (because I could not find a cost for this media player) is the file format seems to be proprietary to the "RED" name "REDRAY™ : 4K RGB, 2K RGB R3D™ : 4K RAW, 2K RAW" Does that mean it will not play all other file formats?

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