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4 to 2 HDMI+Stereo(RCA) Matrix Driver


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Hi All,

I just purchased a matrix that is 4 HDMI in and HDMI+Stereo out for Output A, and HDMI only out for Output B.

I tried making a drive and all of the IR works as expected, and everything that is connected to HDMI shows up as expected, but for the Stereo (RCA), I do not see the connected components. I would expect to seem them for each room that is connect to my 8-room Amp.

In the Driver I have the following:

Each Input - HDMI Audio/HDMI Video

Output A - Stereo (RCA) - I exclude HDMI here since I wasn't using it

Output B - HDMI Audio/HDMI Video

Any tips as to what I may be doing wrong?



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