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Door locks within Navigator


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Got my Yale deadbolt in today and installed it. Had it added to my project as part of the entry way room. I downloaded the Yale app and configured everything I needed to from there and verified the system works. What i'm trying to figure out now is the following:

1) Is there a section door locks belong in like the thermostat in heating/cooling, the alarms and cameras in security and so on.

I currently have the yale driver in the entry way and a "door lock" as well. The Yale is connected to the door lock relay so this currently allows me to see the lock if i'm in navigator and move to the entry room and then click on settings and motors/relays. There I can see a lock that is green for unlocked and red for locked. I was hoping there was a way to have the locks show in security so when it's time for bed and I set the alarm, I can also see at a glance the lock status?

2) I would like to have the lock set so that when the code is entered, it will disarm the alarm system as well. I was hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance on how to go about doing that within the programing tab?

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I did finally find the programing configuration finally last night to setup the alarm and door. So now I have it setup when the door is locked from the keypad, the system is armed, and unarmed when unlocked. Also programed it to lock the doors at night when i set the alarm.

As for the placement of the lock, for now I just created a custom home screen with the motors/..... on the main page.

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Did this exact thing...

Don't have composer in front of me... But what I did was the following:

-There were a couple program events in the Yale lock, one fore touchpad arming and keypad disarm.

So what I did was when you tap the touchscreen, the lock will engage, and then it fires the event to arm the security system.

Then on keypad disarm event I have it disarm the security system as well, but keep in mind, this will require you to enter your security system code into your programming.

The door lock status / proxy shows up in different areas on different navs (iOS vs touchscreens vs Flash) but ultimately, it is really easy to set an LED of a light switch. What I did was if the front door is unlocked, I set the LED of the bedroom lightswitch to RED. And if its locked I set it to black, so it stands out.

You could easily add to the changed alarm status, to lock the door as well.

Lastly, I have a scheduled event that always sets the alarm to stay at 10pm, if not already set to arm to away. I added an event to this schedule to lock the doors as well.

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