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I just added the C4 thermostat. I have a good night button which turns everything off and sets the thermostat. The problem I am having is when I set the thermostat it puts it into a 2 hr hold at this temp. I would like it to hold until next event. This is grayed out on my programming options. Any way around this.


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Mhh not sure what the new questions entail, but I'll give some basic info that may clear it up.

The C4 stat allows for 4 settings - hold off (blank on stat itself - means being on schedule), hold 2 hours, hold until next (schedule) event, hold permanent.

When you're running schedule (hold off) and just change the temperature setting (be it via the stat itself, a tscreen or programming) it reverts to hold 2 hours.

If you are on hold 2hours, hold until next event or hold permanent it will stay on that mode on a temperature change.

So if you normally run the schedule and want to change this the "mode" would need to be set as well. So on goodnight for instance, you want to program the tstat to go to hold until next event, then set the temperature.

Not sure why until next was greyed out initially for OP but as he/she stated it came back available - which it should be.

So if you want to use it as a "basic" Tstat but with multiroom control/off-site control etc (which is what I do mostly) just have it set to hold permanent. Unless you specifically change this in some way it will stay on that, uhm, well, permanently

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