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Device for streaming BluRay ISO


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Just wondering what device(s) Control4 users are using in their home theater setups for streaming BluRay ISO. I have a Dune player for the rest of my house for just TV without extra speakers other than TV internal speakers which streams BluRay just fine with 1080p video and stereo audio. However, as noted in my other post, the new Popcorn V8 I purchased is having trouble with HD audio in my theater with cutting out especially if there is any increase in volume such as action scenes. This is apparently a known issue with this unit so I'm considering returning it and looking for something else.

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I've got a Dune Smart D1 and it steams Bluray's video perfectly but the audio is just the DTS Core on 7.1 titles. I'm interested in the new Popcorn hour machines or Mede8er systems but divers might be an issue with Mede8er? Maybe a hot new DD Media Player :)

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I am personally using a Wndows media center system with the following software:

Windows 7 or 8.

Slysoft Anydvd HD - http://www.slysoft.com/en/ (decoder).

Slysoft Clonedrive - (ISO loader).

Mymovies - http://www.mymovies.dk/ (movie library).

Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 - http://www.arcsoft.com/ (movie player).

This system plays EVERYTHING - from 1to1 or ISO ripped DVD and Blu-ray movies to mkv files and much more.

We have been selling this solution to our customers for the past 7 years and have had virtually no issues. We lock Windows to be a media center unit only (no email, browsing or downloading).

In addition - Extra Vegetables has developed a 2 way IP driver for Windows Media Center which makes this solution even more attractive to Control4 users.

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