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HAI Omni LTe


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I was wondering if this unit can integrate and work well in a control4 system, my colleague says that it would not work well and that the only choice to use is HAI Omni IIe, I don't think that the IIe is worth the difference in price especially since I don't use the lighting, the audio or climate control portion so I suggested using the LTe as a more competitive option

Does any one have any thoughts regarding this issue

Thank you


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An HAI Omni LT will work. it needs a rs232 interface either the onboard or an expansion board.

It does support the Thermostats, but if I recall it does not control the hold feature.

It does not directly support the lights, but you can do programming to control HAI lights.

It supports all the security zones, but the big problem for all HAI panels is the status updates are delayed 1-10 seconds. This becomes a problem when writing a program such as turn a light on when i open the back door. The light may not come on for up to 10 seconds.

You might consider a GE panel if you need the security system to trigger lights immediately, or if you are using HAI supported lighting, then it is fine.

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