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I am looking for a decent media player to use with my control 4 set up (in the UK). I am currently using iTunes and Apple TV but I am starting to get tired of having to encode all my movies. I just want ISO, MKV playback preferably with DTS but its not a deal breaker.

Can anyone recommend anything cost effective? I have seen the Dune HD TV-101 but not sure if there's a driver or if it works with Control 4, cover art etc.

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I use a Dune with the DD driver and an Apple TV with the EV driver.

I have two Dunes. They have never failed me. :)

I thoroughly endorse the DD recommendation.

Search the forum. DD is also apparently releasing their own media player soon though we are lead to believe it will be a cut down computer running a version of windows, which isn't everyone's cup of tea :)

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