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Accessing all lights and buttons in one spot


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Is there any global way to check the status and/or get events based on *any* light and *any* switch/button/keypad in the house?

E.g. I'd like to be able to:

* Check how many lights are currently on

* Turn all lights on or off

* Get an event when any button is pressed anywhere in the house

Obviously I can cobble this together by manually attaching actions to each light, keypad, etc. For example I can have every light increment a variable when turned on and decrement one when turned off. But this is tedious and error prone, especially if I ever add things to the system. Is there some better way to achieve this?

Or if not, is there at least some way to easily get a view in Composer of all of the lights (and buttons) in one place, rather than having to scroll through each room?

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