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Multi Channel Amp Died - Can it be repaired


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Can it be? Usually, but w/o any idea on what is going on it's aliitle hard to say what it would entail. Very little dies on these though, so your obvious guess of powersupply is a pretty good one.

Any dealer certainly can get it sent to C4 for repairs, ut again, some form of assesment of WHAT about it is busted would be helpfull

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That isn't a bad deal, but if your paying $400 just for a power supply your being ripped off

Yes, if you define ripped off by Control4 paying for return shipping, having employees on staff to fix your issue, stocking power supplies, and continuing to support older gear that's out of warranty.

Control4 does not make any significant amount of money on repair services. Repair costs cover expenses, and may even be *slightly* profitable, but certainly not to the level of "ripping off", IMHO.

It's a service. You either find value in it enough to do it, or you don't.


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