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Dune vs Popcorn Extra Vegetables drivers and C4 integration


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First, my apologies for anything silly asked in this post. I am new to the C4 world, but loving every minute of it. My head is exploding with ideas and I think I'm getting addicted to this forum...is it bad if one clicks the "show new posts since your last visit" link about 40 times a day?!?!?

We just moved into a new house and had a dealer install a HC800, 25+ switches, keypads, etc. We have a fullyintegrated home theatre, GE alarm system, HVAC, Sonos, audio matrix, etc all tied in too. Our Yale touchscreen deadbolts are on their way. I'm constantly tinkering in Composer HE and trying new things out. BTW, I am very appreciative of all the knowledge shared on this site and others like C4Central.com and c4diy.com. (Any other sites I should check out for more ideas/tutorials?)

I'm looking to add a media server to our setup in the not too distant future. I've done a good bit of research on this board and others to learn as much as a I can. My current feeling is that I need to add a NAS or full RAID setup, get the media server (perhaps the PCH A400, but will probably wait a few more weeks to see if Dune comes out with the Dune HD Max 3D), My Movies Collection Management with AnyDVD HD and the necessary Extra Veggetable drivers.

My main question is about the EV driver integration with C4 between the Dune and Popcorn drivers. Do they both provide the same experience in terms of C4's native media database and control of the media server itself? I spent some time looking at the EV site for both server drivers and it talks about "reliable IP Ethernet control" for the Dune driver, but doesn't say anything like that about the Popcorn driver.

Any thoughts or suggestions about the above setup would be greatly appreciated!

And finally, one non-related random question...is the any way to do a system wide export/list/documenting of programming, events or key taps that are setup in Composer HE? I've started keeping a manual spreadsheet of light switches that have double/tripple tap functionality, but it would be great if there was a way to have that type of info exported from Composer HE.

I apologize for the rambling message. Thanks for reading! ;-)

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