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Looking for Installer in San Luis Obispo, Ca area!


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Sorry about taking so long to reply! No it does not have a 4sight account but was seriously thinking about getting one. I need a dealer to get a 4sight account as well don't I? How much is it a year? Also wanted to purchase a license for my new iPad. My local dealer/installer seem's very expensive compared to prices Ai see guy's talking about paying on this site! He usually want's $75-$150 just to add a device to my system, and I even buy the devices (switch's, dimmer's) from him. I don't even have him program scene's or anything else! Just. Plain system add's and he act's like he is giving me a deal or taking care of me if e only charges me $75 to add a device that i bought from him! I could maybe understand the programming price's being higher if I was buying the equipment off of eBay or a forum like this one and then having him only do the programming for me. I feel like he is really screwing me over because he know's I really need thee equipment more then the Avg Guy because I have a spinal-cord injury. There are just not that many C4 dealer's/installer's in my area and he know’s it! I thought about becoming a licensed/certified installer myself so I could work on my own equipment and charge a reasonable price to other people in my situation! I know you have to pay for classes, but else does it take to be a certified Installer through Control4? I can't afford to be a dealer and order thousand's of dollar's of Control4 system's if that is what is required. I think I could be a good representative for C4's equipment and how it help's people with special Ned's like myself. I would also enjoy programming C4 equipment for just people like myself and I don't even want to make a bunch of money, but more of a non-profit special need's type of program for qualifying individual's. Maybe this way technology like Control4's might be a little more affordable and accessible to individual's who's lives could definitely benefit from home automation technology. I know C4 equipment has made my life easier, but I just wish it was more affordable! If you have any info let me know!?




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