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Tstat on Nav. 2.3 upgrade.


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I'm sorry for the confusing question, but I still find configuring C vs F temp display a nightmare on the Navigator screen.

I notice there is a nice new looking Tsat image on the 2.3 upgrade navigator. Under "Comfort"

Nice. But what if a user does not have a C4 Tsat?

I've got a wireless TStat image coming up under this comfort section, even though I don't have a physical Tsat. We've also had to configure a "Fake" C4 Tstat to get the "Outdoor" Temp to display in C rather than F (above right on the nav screen)

Can the Nav be configured to pull up the Fake Control4 Tstat in this "Comfort section"? And if so, is it possible to pull in temp feeds from the internet, or Card access devices and display the temp here?

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Since I believe 2.2.2, possibly 2.2.4, you can set system F/C properly in composer. no need fot the virtual Tstat. And it stays correct over reboots etc.

CAN you show it under comfort?, sure but it won't display any real temperature.

No, internet feeds cannot be pulled under here for display.

Yes Card Acces pieces can be made to show up using a (free) driver Card Access created for this very purpose.

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